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NTSB Identification: GAA19CA208
The powered parachute pilot reported that, during takeoff from a hayfield, the wind was from the southwest at 6 mph and he departed to the southwest. He added that, once airborne, the climb rate was "slower than normal" and he began a 180° left turn. On the "downwind", the climb rate reduced to "zero" and the powered parachute started descending. He realized he did not have enough altitude to complete the 180° turn. The powered parachute impacted the top rail of a fence, he shut the magnetos off, and after impacting a second fence impacted the ground.

The pilot reported that there were no preaccident mechanical failures or malfunctions with the powered parachute that would have precluded normal operation.

The automated weather observation station located about 16 miles northwest of the accident reported that, about 7 minutes before the accident, the wind was from 020° at 9 knots. The pilot reported that the wind was from 245° at 6 knots and the density altitude was "6,800+" ft.