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NTSB Identification: GAA18CA424
According to the helicopter pilot, during an agricultural flight he landed on the tender truck platform. The ground crewman connected a hose to fill the hopper, but he did not provide positive communication to the pilot regarding task completion. Consequently, "due to crew miscommunication" the pilot took off with the hose still connected to the helicopter. The tail rotor struck the hose and the pilot lost tail rotor authority. The helicopter entered an uncontrollable spin to the right, and the pilot lowered the collective. The helicopter descended and struck the ground, and then it rolled over.

Additionally, the pilot reported that the accident could have been prevented by implementing a documented operating procedure to ensure positive communication between the ground crew and pilot.

The helicopter sustained substantial damage the tailboom, tail rotor system, main rotor system and the skids.

The pilot reported that there were no mechanical malfunctions or failures with the helicopter that would have precluded normal operation.