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NTSB Identification: ANC16CA053
The pilot stated that he was attempting a takeoff from an unimproved, wet airstrip with four passengers on board, when the tricycle-geared airplane began to hydroplane, leading to a ground loop that resulted in substantial damage to the left wing and tail of the airplane.

A passenger from the flight stated that after taxiing to the end of the runway and turning around, the pilot began the takeoff roll. After becoming airborne, the airplane immediately turned right, then left, then impacted the trees on the left side of the runway. Following the initial impact, the airplane began to travel backwards through the trees.

Photographs of the airplane taken immediately following the accident by the passenger show the flaps in the retracted position, the right main landing gear box protruding through the floorboard of the airplane and substantial damage to the left wing and fuselage, just aft of the rear window.