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NTSB Identification: ERA16WA039
On August 1, 2015, at 2317 coordinated universal time, a Cessna 650; N691BE, incurred minor damage after the main landing gear tires deflated during takeoff roll and a fire ensued in the area of the main landing gear at Tekirdag Çorlu Airport (LTBU), Corlu, Turkey. The pilot, co-pilot, student pilot, and three passengers were not injured. The flight was destined for Misrata International Airport (HLMS), Misrata, Libya.

This investigation is under the jurisdiction of the government of Turkey. This report is for informational purposes only and contains only information released by or obtained from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications (AIB), Turkey.

Further information pertaining to this accident may be obtained from:

Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications (AIB)
Hanimeli Sok. No. 7
Sihhiye, Ankara, Turkey
Tel 90-312-203-2173
Fax 90-312-229-7289