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NTSB Identification: IAD00WA069
On August 2, 2000, about 1000 local time (1300 universal coordinated time, UTC), a Sikorsky S-76A, registration PT-HRD, Sikorsky Aircraft serial no. 76-0203, impacted in mountainous terrain near Navegantes, Brazil. The helicopter was being operated by Lider Air Taxi, SA, of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and was reported as returning passengers to shore base from an at-sea oil platform. The helicopter was destroyed at impact and all 5 persons on board were reported fatally injured. The crash occurred in instrument meteorological conditions, and the aircraft was being operated under the authority of the Civil Aviation Authority, Brazil.

The investigation is being conducted under the authority of the Centro de Investigacao e Prevencao de Acidentes Aeronauticos (CENIPA) , Brazil. The National Transportation Safety Board, Office of Aviation Safety, Washington, D.C., and Sikorsky Aircraft, Department of Product Safety, Stratford, Connecticut, have offered assistance.

For further information, please contact:

The Investigator-in-Charge, under the authority of: Antonio Junqueira - Cel.-Av. Chefe do CENIPA Centro de Investigacao e Prevencao de Acidentes Aeronauticos (CENIPA) SHIS-Q105 Area Militar 71600 - Brasilia - DF, Brazil tel: 55 61 365 1461 / fax 1004

U. S. Accredited Representative: Thomas R. Conroy Senior Air Safety Investigator Office of Aviation Safety Regional Operations and General Aviation Division, AS-20 National Transportation Safety Board Washington, D.C. 20594 1 202 314-6314