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NTSB Identification: DCA99RA053
On April 7, 1999, Turkish Airlines flight 5904, a Boeing 737-400, registration TC-JEP crashed near Ceyhan, Adana, Turkey, about 8 minutes after takeoff from Adana, Turkey. The flight was a repositioning flight to pick up passengers at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The two flightcrew and 4 cabin crew were killed. The airplane was operating in an area of thunderstorms at the time of the accident.

The investigation was conducted by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation - Turkey. An accident report was issued on April 4, 2002.

The accident report contained the following conclusions:

1. The severe weather conditions probably contributed to the cause of the accident.
2. The pitot static anti-ice system was probably not activated during preparations for flight because of missed checklist items.
3. The crew failed to recognize the cause of erratic airspeed indication.
4. The crew failed to use other cockpit indications for control and recovery of the airplane.
5. The presence of cabin crew in the cockpit probably distracted the attention of the cockpit crew.

The DGAC issued recommendations to the FAA concerning solid state flight data recorders and automatic pitot heat systems activation.

The DGAC also issued recommendations to Turkish Airlines concerning cockpit checklist discipline and instrument cross-checking