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Aviation Accident

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NTSB Identification: ENG11WA010
Incident occurred Thursday, July 01, 2010 in Warsaw, Poland
Aircraft: FOKKER F28, registration:
Injuries: 88 Uninjured.

The foreign authority was the source of this information.

On July 1, 2010, Swiss International Airlines flight 343T, operated by Contact Air, a Fokker F100, registration D-AGPH, suffered a collapsed radome during departure from Warszawa-Okecie airport, Warsaw, Poland. The crew reported a sound of an impact on the lower, forward part of the fuselage accompanied by erroneous airspeed indications on the captain's instruments during climb between 7,000 and 8,000 feet MSL. The crew reported the occurrence to ATC and returned to the airport due to a suspected birdstrike. During the final approach, the crew reported a "WINDSHEAR" alert and performed a go-around. The second approach was performed without incident. The weather conditions at the time were not conducive to windshear. There were no injuries to the 84 passengers and 4 crew members on board the airplane. The airplane was on an IFR flight from Warsaw to Z├╝rich, Switzerland.