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Aviation Accident

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NTSB Identification: ENG03RA009
Incident occurred Saturday, March 01, 2003 in Lake Johnston, Australia
Aircraft: Cessna Conquest, registration:
Injuries: 6 Uninjured.

The foreign authority was the source of this information.

On March 1, 2003, a Cessna Conquest, registered in Australia as VH-LBZ, veered off of runway at Lake Johnsonton in Western Australia during a rejected takeoff and was substantially damaged after right engine, a Honeywell TPE331, had an uncommanded increase in power. Airplane was accelerating through 65 knots with engine torque indications matched at 1,200 ft-lbs. Co-pilot, who had been scanning for kangaroos (reported to be a common hazard in this area of Australia), noticed a split in engine exhaust gas temperature indications, left engine 430-440, right engine 500-520. Shortly after this, the power from the right engine increased without any input from the pilot. The pilot rejected the takeoff and retarded both throttles. The left engine decelerated, but the right engine remained at high power. The pilot went through the emergency engine shutdown, but directional control was lost and airplane departed runway. Airplane stopped about 45 meters from left side of runway, 450 meters from start of takeoff roll. There were no injuries to the two pilots and four passengers.