NTSB Training Center.

Title National Capital Region Family Assistance & Reunification Center Orientation and Planning Meeting

Participants learned how to coordinate and implement a comprehensive family assistance and reunification system that assists the friends and family members of those affected by a terrorist attack or civil emergency in the greater Washington, D.C. area.

Dates August 16-18, 2005
Location NTSB Training Center • 45065 Riverside Parkway • Ashburn, Virginia 20147
  • Providing information to family members about their loved ones and facilitating the reunification of families in a secure and comfortable environment

  • Gathering and protecting information about potential victims of an event by collecting and uniformly consolidating data from various facilities 

  • Collecting pertinent information from families from families to facilitate the identification of persons missing, injured or presumed dead

  • Death and injury notification that ensures family member of victims receive information about their loved ones before media broadcasts

  • Working with behavioral health care providers and spiritual care providers to meet the immediate needs of those impacted by a mass casualty event

  • Coordinating the inclusion of local, state, federal, volunteer and community based organizations that provide financial, technical, and casualty assistance programs

  • Providing for the health, behavioral and physical needs of responders

  • Planning for housing, transportation, and basic needs of family members and friends that come to the scene to attempt to locate and assist loved ones
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