Safety Studies and Special Reports

Report Title Date Mode    
Special Investigation Report: Organizational Factors in Metro-North Railroad Accidents 11/19/2014 Rail PDF Summary
Special Investigation Report on Railroad and Rail Transit Roadway Worker Protection 10/23/2014 Rail PDF Summary
Drug Use Trends in Aviation: Assessing the Risk of Pilot Impairment 9/9/2014 Aviation PDF Summary
Special Investigation Report: Parasailing Safety 6/18/2014 Aviation PDF Summary
Special Investigation Report on the Safety of Agricultural Aircraft Operations 5/7/2014 Aviation PDF Summary
Crashes Involving Single-Unit Trucks that Resulted in Injuries and Deaths 6/17/2013 Highway PDF Summary
Reaching Zero: Actions to Eliminate Alcohol-Impaired Driving 5/14/2013 Highway PDF Summary
Wrong-Way Driving 12/11/2012 Highway PDF Summary
The Safety of Experimental Amateur-Built Aircraft 5/22/2012 Aviation PDF Summary
Executive Report on Curbside Motorcoach Safety 10/12/2011 Highway PDF Summary
Report on Curbside Motorcoach Safety 10/12/2011 Highway PDF Summary
Airbag Performance in General Aviation Restraint Systems 1/11/2011 Aviation PDF Summary
Introduction of Glass Cockpit Avionics into Light Aircraft 3/9/2010 Aviation PDF Summary
Pedal Misapplication in Heavy Vehicles 9/1/2009 Highway PDF Summary
Fire During Unloading in Dallas, TX, July 25, 2007; Fire During Unloading in The Woodlands, TX, August 7, 2007; and Overturn and Fire in East New Orleans, LA, October 20, 2007 1/13/2009 Hazmat PDF Summary
Special Investigation Report on the Safety of Parachute Jump Operations 9/16/2008 Aviation PDF Summary
Treatment of Safety-Critical Systems in Transport Airplanes 4/25/2006 Aviation PDF Summary
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Operations 1/25/2006 Aviation PDF Summary
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) in Liquid Pipelines 11/29/2005 Pipeline PDF Summary
Risk Factors Associated with Weather-Related General Aviation Accidents 9/7/2005 Aviation PDF Summary
Medical Oversight of Noncommercial Drivers 11/9/2004 Highway PDF Summary
Evaluation of the Rollover Propensity of 15-Passenger Vans 11/15/2002 Highway PDF Summary
Transportation Safety Databases 9/11/2002 All Modes PDF Summary
Two Rear-End Collisions Involving Chicago Transit Authority Rapid Transit Trains at Chicago, Illinois, June 17 and August 3, 2001 9/5/2002 Rail PDF Summary
Analysis of Intrastate Trucking Operations 3/28/2002 Highway PDF Summary
Maryland Transit Administration Light Rail Vehicle Accidents at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport Transit Station near Baltimore, Maryland, February 13 and August 15, 2000 12/11/2001 Rail PDF Summary
Public Aircraft Safety 10/23/2001 Aviation PDF Summary
Vehicle- and Infrastructure-based Technology for the Prevention of Rear-End Collisions 5/1/2001 Highway PDF Summary
Survivability of Accidents Involving Part 121 U.S. Air Carrier Operations, 1983 through 2000 3/5/2001 Aviation PDF Summary
Emergency Evacuation of Commercial Airplanes 6/27/2000 Aviation PDF Summary
Actions to Reduce Fatalities, Injuries, and Crashes Involving the Hard Core Drinking Driver 6/27/2000 Highway PDF Summary
Truck Parking Areas 5/17/2000 Highway PDF Summary
Safety at Passive Grade Crossings: Volume 1: Analysis 7/21/1998 Rail, Highway PDF Summary
The Performance and Use of Child Restraint Systems. Seatbelts, and Air Bags for Children in Passenger Vehicles. Volume 1: Analysis 9/1996 Highway PDF  
The Performance and Use of Child Restraint Systems. Seatbelts, and Air Bags for Children in Passenger Vehicles. Volume 2: Case Summaries 9/1996 Highway PDF  
Robinson Helicoptor Company R22 Loss of Main Rotor Control Accidents 4/1996 Aviation PDF  
Factors That Affect Fatigue in Heavy Truck Accidents 1/18/1995 Highway PDF  
Alcohol and Other Drug Involvement in Fatal General Aviation Accidents 1983 Through 1988 10/14/1992 Aviation PDF 1 PDF 2  
Transport of Hazardous materials by Rail 5/16/1991 Rail PDF  
Safety Study: Fatigue, Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Medical Factors in Fatal-to-the-driver Heavy Truck Crashes 3/5/1990 Highway PDF  
Safety Study: Crashworthiness of Large Poststandard Schoolbuses 3/18/1987 Highway PDF  
Special Study of Effects of Delay in Shutting Down Failed Pipeline Systems and Methods of Providing Rapid Shutdown 12/30/1970 Pipeline PDF Summary

What are:

Safety Studies are examinations topics such as the effectiveness of, or need for, actions by a Government agency in reducing transportation losses, the technical aspects of a transportation system, analysis of accident data, or the history and progress of transportation safety improvements. The study results in the issuance of a narrative report on the facts, conclusions and any applicable recommendations.

Special Investigations can be an information-gathering effort concerning predetermined subjects selected in support of safety studies, or an examination of technical issues and safety problems identified in one or more accident investigations.