Honorable Deborah Hersman, NTSB Board Member

Chairman Deborah A.P. Hersman
National Transportation Safety Board
Closing Remarks
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November 16, 2010

Thank you for attending today's press briefing.

Before we close, let me again emphasize the importance of safety on our nation's highways. Last year, more than 33,000 people died in highway crashes. That's the equivalent of losing five 737 passenger jets every week. And someone in America is injured in a vehicle crash every 15 seconds. Highway safety is a public health issue.

Even though we saw a reduction in highway fatalities last year, our mission is far from over. According to a report published today by the Transportation Research Board, the U.S. is not keeping up with other advanced countries when it comes to highway safety gains. It's time for states that lag behind to step up to the plate and put in place the safety measures we've highlighted today.

Joining us today are several representatives of the Highway Safety Coalition. Would you please stand to be recognized? These representatives and others are tireless partners in our cause to make our nation's roadways safer for all travelers.

I hope that next year we can all come back together with news of lives saved and injuries prevented.

Thank you.