Animation of runway incursion from Chairman Jim Hall's testimony on Aviation Safety, March 22, 2000

animation of runway incursion.animation of runway incursion (.AVI format, 2.7M)

On April 1, 1999, a runway incursion occurred at O'Hare International Airport when a China Air Boeing 747 deviated from its assigned taxi route and inadvertently re-entered a runway. As a Korean Air Boeing 747 approached rotation speed, the pilot saw China Air and abruptly rotated his aircraft, banking to the left as he climbed.

Safety Board staff have prepared an animation of this nighttime incident. The China Air 747 made a left turn back onto the active runway where it had landed just moments earlier. There are two camera views, one following Korean Air as it takes off, and a second view of the point where the collision almost occurred. Fortunately, the Korean Air 747 was traveling fast enough for the pilot to lift off and pass just 75 feet over the China Air 747. There were 390 people onboard the two aircraft.