Oversight of Public Aircraft Operations:
Ensuring Safety for Critical Missions

This safety forum, "Public Aircraft: Ensuring Safety for Critical Missions", addresses oversight of public aircraft. The goals of the forum are to (1) raise awareness of the importance of effective oversight in ensuring the safety of public aircraft operations; (2) identify where responsibility lies for oversight of public aircraft operations; and (3) facilitate the sharing of best practices and lessons learned across a number of parties involved in the oversight of public aircraft operations.

Public aircraft are operated by a federal, state or local government for the purpose of fulfilling governmental functions, such as firefighting, search and rescue, law enforcement, wildlife or land management, or aeronautical research. Government organizations conducting public aircraft operations supervise their own flight operations without oversight from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Seven panels will be presented during the two-day forum. Panelists will be questioned by a technical panel composed of NTSB staff from the offices of Aviation Safety, General Council, and Managing Director, as well as the NTSB Board Members, who will make up the Board of Inquiry.

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