Family Assistance: Promoting an International Approach for the Transportation Industry

This two-day conference brought together family members, transportation accident investigation agencies, transportation industry representatives, government agencies, and the media to share perspectives on best practices and lessons learned in providing family assistance following transportation accidents in an international context. Coinciding with the 15th anniversary of the Aviation Disaster Family Assistance Act and the 10th anniversary of ICAO Circular 285, the conference was a unique opportunity to learn firsthand from those involved worldwide in family assistance.

The conference was open to those interested in the provision of family assistance in all modes of transportation.

The first day included four panel discussions featuring family members, transportation industry representatives, vendors, non-governmental organizations, transportation accident investigative agencies, and the media examining transportation family assistance from their perspectives.

On the second day, training provided by the NTSB Transportation Disaster Assistance staff, provided an overview of the NTSB model for family assistance operations.