April 21, 2009
Highway Accident Report - Single-Vehicle Accident, Motorcoach Run- Off-the-Road and Rollover, U.S. Route 163, Mexican Hat, Utah, January 6, 2008 (HWY-08-MH-012)



These two videos are available in Windows Media format -- presented at the Board Meeting on April 21, 2009, in Washington, D.C.


Mexican Hat Accident Animation
Animation Description/Disclaimer
This animated reconstruction shows the Mexican Hat accident motorcoach as it enters a curve on U.S. Route 163, leaves the roadway surface, and then rolls to its final rest position. This reconstruction does not depict weather or visibility conditions at the time of the incident.

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Mexican Hat Motorcoach Exterior Forward View Video
Video Description/Disclaimer
The Mexican Hat motorcoach was equipped with a forward looking camera as part of its Drivecam II system.  The video from the forward looking camera was displayed in the Board Meeting on the Mexican Hat accident to illustrate the motorcoach position relative to the roadway centerline during the accident sequence.  The video has no audio, shows only the exterior view, and has been shortened to include only the roadway departure and not the rollover sequence.

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