Board Meeting Animations - School Bus and Dump Truck Collision

Adopted November 14, 2000

Central Bridge, New York
October 21, 1999


Disclaimer: Simulations presented below used scene surveys, witness statements, vehicle testing, vehicle plans and vehicle operating characteristics. The depictions represent actual lighting and weather conditions at the time of the accident.

Vehicle Dynamics: Six different views of the vehicle dynamics were rendered to show various perspectives of the crash. In the simulations, the initial speed of the dump truck and trailer was 54 mph. Before the collision, the truck and trailer were slowed to 39 mph. Prior to the beginning of the simulation, the school bus had exited from an interstate ramp and turned right. The simulation starts with the bus accelerating from 30 mph to an estimated 45 mph. As the bus approaches the intersection and the crash site, it is slowed to 24 mph.

aerial approach graphic.CB1-heli.mpg
(Video = 1,565K)
This is an aerial approach to the collision in real time.



(Video = 3,403K)
This is a chase view of the schoolbus as it approaches the intersection.



(Video = 2,383K)
This is a chase view of the truck as it approaches the collision



(Video = 1,313K)
This is overhead view of the intersection and the collision.



(Video = 2,002K)
This is the potential view of the truck driver as the truck approached the intersection.



(Video = 3,432K)
This is the potential view of the bus driver as the bus approached the intersection.

Occupant Kinematics: This simulation investigated the kinematics for the three simulated occupants in the second to last row of the bus. Two simulated occupants were lap belt restrained while the third was unrestrained.

(Video = 912K)
Slow motion view of the lap belt restrained and unrestrained occupants in the second to last row of the bus (1/5th speed). This view displays the unrestrained and lap belt restrained (as labeled in the video) occupant kinematics for the simulated occupants in the second to last row of the bus, the area of impact. Injuries were predicted for all three simulated occupants.

Animation of the Seat Cushion Latching Clip:

(Video = 207k)
This animation shows how the seat cushion latching clip functioned on the accident bus. In addition, the motion of the seat cushion once the latching clip is released is shown.