Agenda and Selected Proceedings for Child Restraint in Aircraft Meeting

December 15-16, 1999
Arlington, Virginia


Welcome and Opening Remarks
James Hall, Chairman, National Transportation Safety Board

History of Child Restraints for Aircraft
Richard Chandler

Current Airline Experience
Mary Gooding, Virgin Atlantic

United States
Cindy Nordie, FAA

Frances Wokes, Transport Canada

Raffi Patatian

CAMI Research
Van Gowdy, Federal Aviation Administration/Civil Aeromedical Institute

Transport Canada / Aastra Seat
Francis Wokes, Transport Canada

DME Seat
George Byers, DME Corporation

Child Restraint Systems in Airplanes
Martin Sperber, TUV Rhineland

Cranfield Research
Roger Hardy, Cranfield Impact Centre

Closing Remarks
Nora Marshall