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July 6, 2006

Washington, DC -- National Transportation Safety Board Acting Chairman, Mark V. Rosenker today said that new technologies must play a vital role in the near future of automobile safety.

During a speech at the Meharry State Farm Alliance National Safety Summit, he also strongly endorsed the panel's efforts to increase seat belt use among all Americans, and especially among minorities.

"The fact remains, crashes don't discriminate," Rosenker said. "Last year 43,200 people died in motor vehicle crashes, almost 600 more than in 2004. Reducing highway deaths for everyone is a top priority at the NTSB," he said.

The Safety Board is targeting highway safety through its Most Wanted List of safety improvements. When fully implemented by Federal, state and local governments, and vigorously enforced, the Board's Most Wanted List of safety improvements save lives.

Earlier this year, the Safety Board joined the Meharry State Farm Alliance in Columbia, South Carolina when it honored five lawmakers and the South Carolina Legislative Black Caucus for their leadership in promoting a primary safety belt law.

During his speech today, in Washington, DC, before the two- day conference whose theme is "Setting a National Motor Vehicle Occupant Safety Agenda," Rosenker also discussed accident prevention technologies that can override the human errors that lead to accidents -- such as adaptive cruise control and electronic stability control.

"Technologies - as well as warning systems for lane departure, collisions and drowsy driving -- will, someday, be in all cars in our country but that will take a long time," Rosenker said. "In the meantime, all of us need to work for acceptance of the Safety Board's recommendations which are issued to create comprehensive highway safety laws that will raise seat belt use, improve teen driving, ensure children are appropriately restrained, and prevent impaired driving."

The full text of the speech is available on the NTSB website at: www.ntsb.gov

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