NTSB Press Release

National Transportation Safety Board
Office of Public Affairs


March 27, 2006

The National Transportation Safety Board today opened a public docket containing materials related to the Safety Board's participation in the investigation of the crash of an Egyptian airliner in 2004.

On January 3, 2004, a Boeing 737-300 (SU-ZCF) operated by Flash Airlines, an Egyptian charter company, crashed into the Red Sea shortly after takeoff from Sharm El-Sheikh, en route to Paris, France, via Cairo. The airplane was carrying 135 passengers and 13 crewmembers; there were no survivors.

The investigation was led by the Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation. The U.S., as the country of manufacture, participated under the terms of Annex 13 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation.

The public docket includes detailed NTSB comments on the Egyptian draft of the final accident report, a summary of those comments, and a transmittal letter. These documents are available on the NTSB's website.

The complete docket, including the Egyptian final report, can be obtained by contacting the NTSB's Records Management Division at 202-314-6551 or 800-877-6799.

NTSB Office of Public Affairs: (202) 314-6100



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