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December 20, 2001

On October 10, 2001, Peninsula Airways (PenAir) flight 350, a Cessna 208 "Caravan", N9530F, on a scheduled flight from Dillingham, Alaska to King Salmon, Alaska, crashed shortly after takeoff from Dillingham Airport. The pilot and all nine passengers were fatally injured, and the airplane was destroyed on impact. There was no fire.

NTSB investigators are working in the following areas: airworthiness, airplane performance, flight operations, weather, survival factors, and human performance. Preliminary toxicology tests performed on the pilot revealed no evidence of drugs or alcohol.

An examination and teardown of the engine and propeller hub were completed and no preexisting failures were found. Preliminary information has revealed that the engine was running at the time of impact and the propeller was within its operating range. The engine monitor was recovered. The monitor records the maximum engine parameters and any engine faults while the engine is running. This system is normally used for maintenance purposes. Safety Board staff is still analyzing data from the engine monitor of the accident flight.

The Board is continuing to examine the airplane's flight instruments and engine gauges including the airspeed indicators, inter-turbine temperature, stall heat switch, RPM indicator, annunciator panel and torque meter.

The tapes of the pilot's radio transmissions with air traffic control prior to takeoff on the morning of the accident, and from several previous flights, are also being examined. Preliminary examination has found no evidence of unusual sounds or actions by the pilot prior to takeoff on the accident flight.

The Board will release more factual information as it becomes available.

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The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is an independent federal agency charged with determining the probable cause
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