NTSB Press Release

National Transportation Safety Board
Office of Public Affairs


December 1, 1999

In its continuing investigation of the November 26 crash of a Beech Bonanza in Newark, New Jersey, the Safety Board has released the following draft of excerpts from the communications between the Beech pilot and air traffic controllers at New York TRACON.

10:49:10: Newark Tower advises New York Departure Control, the airplane is off runway 9
10:49:18: The pilot checks in with Departure Control, and the Control issues a left turn to 010 degrees, climb and maintain 5,000 feet
10:49:40: Controller advises pilot to amended altitude to 2,000 feet
10:50:15: Controller advises pilot to turn left, heading 270 degrees
No reply
10:50:23: Controller advises the pilot to turn left heading 270 degrees
No reply
10:50:29: Controller calls the pilot
No reply
10:50:35: The pilot states "I have a problem"
10:50:43: The Controller asks "What is your problem"
10:50:48: Pilot replies "I have a gyro problem, maybe some water got in it"
10:51:10: Controller advises pilot to "Turn left, stop at 2,000 feet"
10:51:30: Controller asks "Are you ok"
10:51:35: Pilot replies "I have a problem"
10:51:44: Pilot asks "Can you try to climb me higher"
10:51:49: Controller advises the pilot "Maintain 2,000, what is your heading"
10:51:56: The pilot replies "My heading looks like 030"
10:52:00: The Controller instruct the pilot to "Turn Left 270"
10:52:10: The pilot replies "I have a problem" This was the last transmission received from the pilot

A preliminary report of the accident will be available on Friday, December 3, on the NTSB website www.ntsb.gov.

NTSB Office of Public Affairs: (202) 314-6100



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