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April 6, 1999

Washington, D.C. - John J. Goglia, a member of the National Transportation Safety Board will conduct a focus group meeting on Human Factors, April 12, 1999 at the Adam's Mark Daytona Beach Hotel, Daytona Beach, Florida. The primary goal of the meeting, which will be facilitated by Purdue University staff, is to identify the successes and hurdles associated with the human factors programs and to concentrate on advancing the effectiveness of the programs.

"Participants at this meeting will have an opportunity to learn about the latest techniques in human factors training, gather lessons learned by other facilities, and benchmark individual activities against the best in the aviation industry," said Member Goglia, originator of the meeting. "Using the small focus group approach, the onus will be on the attendees to bring information and questions that will be beneficial to everyone and to share training methods that are used throughout the industry," Goglia added.

In an effort to glean various training methods used throughout the world and to ultimately provide safer and more productive air carrier operations, the NTSB has invited 26 airlines, five universities and colleges, 11 associations and various government agencies to participate in this meeting. These organizations are expected to provide a wealth of insight into current human factors training activities related to aviation maintenance from around the world. Attached is a copy of the agenda for the meeting.

This is the second human factors meeting Member Goglia has conducted. Last year's meeting was held in Indianapolis, Indiana and attended by 130 participants representing air carriers, aviation operators, government agencies and manufacturing and educational institutions.

"This conference, like the last, will stress the need for human factor training to be made available across all departments within organizations to provide a systemic biases for error control and made the challenge to organizations to integrate the science of human factors into the transportation system," said Goglia. "Our continued improvement of aviation's safety record is contingent on universal acceptance of human factors as a cornerstone for every aviation maintenance program."


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