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NTSB Opinions & Orders Search - General Information

To search the NTSB Opinions and Orders Data Base, enter your selection criteria into one or more of the boxes on the search form. Some boxes contain a list of choices from which you may select. For other boxes, you must enter the string of characters by which the data base is to be searched (including any spaces that you type). You may use either upper or lower case-case is ignored. Use your mouse or [TAB] key to move from box to box. To be selected, a record must meet all of the criteria you have entered.

You may control the display format of selected records using the display options:

Select the display options you want to use and click on the [Submit] button. When the search is completed, you will see the number of records that were found and the beginning of the results table. You may move around within the table using the buttons near the bottom of the screen.

NOTE:The fewer records your search returns, the faster it will run. For instance, if you know the Order you are searching for is dated in 1996, then narrow the dates to that year instead of using the default which runs from 1971 to the current date. Your response time will be greatly increased.

Basic information about the selected records will be displayed in groups of the size you selected. The left-most column of the table or list will contain the Order Number and if the full text is available it will be a link to the full text of the case. The full text version is in PDF format.

Acceptable Wildcards

The query form accepts 2 types of wildcards, "*" and "_".
The "*", that means any text of any length can go in that spot.

The "_" means that it will find any text but but the length must match the number of "_"s. To make searching easier for the average user a "*" has been added to the begining and end of every field that accepts wildcards. This should not complicate advanced searches as long as this information is known.

There are several links at the end of each synopsis for navigation within the NTSB web site.

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Order Mode

Orders are divided by transportation mode. Select the mode desired.

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Order Number

This refers to the Enforcement Action number that is unique to a particular case. In a decision that is served on a party, this number will include alpha and numeric characters (i.e., EA-1234). For purposes of searching this index, enter only the numeric characters (i.e., 1234). In this field you can search for a particular case by its exact Order number. No wildcards are permitted in this field.

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Date Range

Use the date range to limit the search to the time period between two dates. Several formats are acceptable, including mm/dd/yy. To limit the search to one specific date, enter that date either in the first box or in both boxes. No wildcards are permitted in this field.

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FARs Charged

This refers to the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) that the individual was charged with violating. If an Opinion and Order cites one or more FAR, you will be able to search for the case. Wildcards are accepted. Example: Entering 93.1 will return all records which include 93.1 anywhere in the string and you will also return things like 93.1(a) or 193.1. To limit the search to just 93.1 put a ";" after the FAR, like 93.1; now the search will only return records for FAR 93.1.

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Other References

This refers to other citations found in the Opinion and Order, including citations to FAR not charged, the Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs), other Enforcement Action case numbers, and other statutes. The format of your search for a CFR citation would be, for example, 49 CFR 821.47. For a particular enforcement action, the format would be EA XXXX. For an FAA Order, your query would be FAA order 2150.30. For citation to an FAR other than one charged, you would enter the FAR number; for example, 93.1. Like the Applicable FAR's above, each reference is ended with a ";", so to get exactly the reference you are searching for and nothing more add a ";" to the end of the reference string.

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This refers to the sanction proposed and imposed and at issue in the airman, mechanic or marinerís appeal. Enter a description of the sanction to search for cases involving that issue. For example, if the issue is emergency revocation of a certificate, the query would be: emergency revocation. The information concerning sanctions is displayed as follows: "proposed/ALJ ruling/NTSB final. Wildcards are accepted.

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Words & Phrases

This refers to circumstances and subjects unique to a particular case that are listed, cited or discussed in a particular Opinion & Order.  Examples of Words & Phrases found in Opinions & Orders include:

passenger-carrying flight; altitude deviation; Part 121 flight; clearance, misunderstanding of; damage to helicopter and other aircraft; separation between aircraft; intentionally false statement; gear-up landing, commercial pilot certificate; flight instructor certificate; accident; fuel exhaustion; preponderance of evidence; burden of proof; damage to property on ground; destruction of aircraft; fatal injury; instruction flight; credibility; take off with inadequate fuel; carelessness; or reconsideration.
This search capability does NOT permit an unlimited search for any word or phrase within the actual text of every Opinion & Order contained in the database.  Rather, the search occurs within a predetermined index in which the Words & Phrases relevant to each case are listed.  The Words & Phrases are broad and are not intended to be exhaustive; however, particular words and phrases are repeated in the index for other cases in which they are relevant. Wildcards are accepted.

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Individuals Named

This refers to the individual or individuals that have appealed the action that is the subject of the Opinion & Order. You may search for one individual or all of the individuals listed in the title of the case. Wildcards are accepted.

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Corporations Named

This refers to a corporation or corporations that have been the subject of an action and that have appealed the action. You may search for specific corporations. Wildcards are accepted.

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