Marine Accident Report

Fire on Board the Netherlands-
Registered Passenger Ship
Nieuw Amsterdam
Glacier Bay, Alaska
May 23, 2000

NTSB Number MBR-01/01
NTIS Number PB2001-916402
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Summary: On the morning of May 23, 2000, while the Netherlands-registered passenger ship Nieuw Amsterdam was en route to Glacier National Park with 1,169 passengers and 542 crewmembers on board, a fire broke out in a crew cabin. A premature effort to extinguish the fire by officers lacking proper gear and backup contributed to the spread of fire and smoke. The fire did not spread beyond the deck of origin; however, the untimely closing of fire screen doors allowed the smoke to migrate up eight decks, creating hazardous conditions in crew and passenger accommodations. Properly outfitted and equipped shipboard firefighting teams subsequently extinguished the fire. One passenger sustained smoke inhalation injuries requiring evacuation to a shoreside hospital for additional medical treatment. Property damage to the vessel was estimated at more than $360,000.