Marine Accident Report

Capsizing of Questar Motorboat and Drowning of Operator
South of Shelter Island
Near Juneau, Alaska
August 21, 1994

NTSB Number MAR-96/01/SUM
NTIS Number PB96-916402
PDF Document (333K)

Abstract: This summary report discusses a 1994 fatal accident in which a disabled 18-foot Questar Motorboat with the vessel's owner and one passenger aboard capsized while being towed by the Coast Guard Auxiliary vessel PUPPET near Juneau, Alaska.

The safety issues discussed in this report are communications during the 1994 Golden North Salmon Derby, policy on the use of Coast Guard Auxiliary resources in hazardous weather and sea conditions, policy on removal of passengers from towed vessels, risk assessment training of Coast Guard Auxiliary personnel involved in search and rescue operations, and policy on postaccident toxicological testing of Coast Guard Auxiliary personnel involved in marine accidents.