Highway Accident Report

Bus Collision with Pedestrians
Normandy, Missouri
June 11, 1997

NTSB Number HAR-98/01/SUM
NTIS Number PB98-916201
PDF Document (459K)

Abstract: On June 11, 1997, a transit bus collided with seven pedestrians at a “park and ride” transit facility in Normandy, Missouri. The bus was being operated by a driver trainee who had just completed a routine stop at the station. After allowing the passengers to debark from the bus, the driver trainee began to move the bus forward to provide clearance for another bus to pass. The driver trainee, who was reportedly unable to stop the bus, allowed it to surmount the curb and continue onto the station platform. The resulting encroachment onto the platform resulted in the deaths of four pedestrians and injuries to three others. The safety issues discussed in this report are the sufficiency of pedestrian protection provided by the saw-tooth parking bay design and the need for positive separation between the roadway and pedestrian areas of parking bay facilities. As a result of its investigation, the National Transportation Safety Board issued recommendations to the Federal Highway Administration, the Federal Transit Administration, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, the American Public Transit Association, and the Community Transportation Association of America.