Highway Accident Report

Truck Loss of Braking Control
on Steep Downgrade and Collision with a Vehicle
Near Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania
on April 25, 1996

NTSB Number HAR-97/02/SUM
NTIS Number PB97-916202
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Abstract: On April 25, 1996, a truck with a concrete mixer body, unable to stop, proceeded through an intersection and collided with and overrode a passenger car near Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania. The driver of the car was fatally injured, and the truck driver sustained minor injuries. The major safety issues discussed in this report are the maintenance and truck inspection practices of JDM Materials Company, Inc., and the adequacy of Federal and State guidelines for conducting truck air brake system inspections. As a result of its investigation, the Safety Board issued recommendations to the Federal Highway Administration; the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance; the American Trucking Associations, Inc.; the National Ready Mix Concrete Association; the JDM Materials Company, Inc.; the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation; the Truck Manufacturers Association; the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; and the Society of Automotive Engineers.