Highway Accident Report

Adopted: April 3, 1980
U.S. ROUTE 422
SEPTEMBER 22, 1979

NTSB Number: HAR-80/03
NTIS Number: PB82-171604


About 3 am., e.d.t., on September 22, 1979, a Chevrolet sedan, occupied only by its driver, was westbound on U.S, Route 422 near Indiana, Pennsylvania. While negotiating a right curve at a high rate of speed, it collided head-on in the eastbound lane with an eastbound Ford Bronco occupied by six persons. Shortly after the crash the Ford caught fire. All persons in both vehicles were killed.

The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of this accident was the operation of the westbound sedan in the eastbound lane while negotiating a right curve at an excessive rate of speed, by a driver whose judgment and driving ability were impaired by alcohol. Contributing to the cause of the accident was the limited sight distance when the vehicles first became visible to each driver.


As a result of its investigation of this accident, the National Transportation Safety Board recommended that the State of Pennsylvania:

Provide increased emphasis to your existing Statewide enforcement Program directed toward reducing the number of Persons driving on public roads while under the influence of alcohol. (Class 1, Urgent Action) (H-80-27)