Aircraft Accident Report

In-Flight Loss of Control and Subsequent Collision with Terrain
Cessna 177B, N35207
Cheyenne, Wyoming
April 11, 1996

NTSB Number AAR-97/02
NTIS Number PB97-910402

Abstract: This report explains the accident involving a Cessna 177B airplane that collided with terrain after a loss of control following takeoff from runway 30 at the Cheyenne Airport, Cheyenne, Wyoming, on April 11, 1996. Safety issues in the report include fatigue, the effects of media attention and itinerary pressure, and aeronautical decision making. A recommendation concerning the circumstances of this accident and the importance of aeronautical decision making was made to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Assocition, the Experimental Aircraft Association, and the National Association of Flight Instructors. Recommendations concerning aeronautical decision making and the hazards of fatigue and were made to the Federal Aviation Administration.