Aircraft Accident Report

In-Flight Loss of Propeller Blade
Forced Landing, and Collision with Terrain
Atlantic Southeast Airlines, Inc., Flight 529
Embraer EMB-120RT, N256AS
Carrollton, Georgia
August 21, 1995

NTSB Number AAR-96/06
NTIS Number PB96-910406

Abstract: This report explains the accident involving Atlantic Southeast Airlines flight 529, an EMB-120RT airplane, which experienced the loss of a propeller blade and crashed during an emergency landing near Carrollton, Georgia, on August 21, 1995. Safety issues in the report focused on manufacturer engineering practices, propeller blade maintenance repair, propeller testing and inspection procedures, the relaying of emergency information by air traffic controllers, crew resource management training, and the design of crash axes carried in aircraft. Recommendations concerning these issues were made to the Federal Aviation Administration.