Aircraft Accident Report

Collision With Trees on Final Approach
American Airlines Flight 1572
McDonnell Douglas MD-83, N566AA
East Granby, Connecticut
November 12, 1995

NTSB Number AAR-96/05
NTIS Number PB96-910405

Abstract: This report explains the accident involving American Airlines flight 1572, an MD-83 airplane, which was substantially damaged when it impacted trees in East Granby, Connecticut, while on approach to runway 15 at Bradley International Airport, Windsor Locks, Connecticut, on November 12, 1995. Safety issues in the report include tower shutdown procedures, non-precision approach flight procedures, precipitous terrain and obstruction identification during approach design, the issuance of altimeter settings by air traffic control, low level windshear system maintenance and recertification, and emergency evacuation issues. Recommendations concerning these issues were made to the Federal Aviation Administration.