Pipeline Accident Reports

The NTSB issues an accident report following the investigation. These reports are available online for reports issued since 1996, with older reports coming online soon.

The reports listing is sortable by the event date, report date, city, and state. Click on any of those headings to sort the data.

Title Event date Report date City State NTSB # NTIS #    
Preliminary Report: Pipeline explosion and fire 3/12/2014 3/31/2014 Manhattan, New York City NY     PDF  
Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation Pipeline Rupture 12/11/2012 2/19/2014
Revised 3/11/2014
Sissonville WV PAR-14-01   PDF Summary
Large Crude Oil Spill from Damaged Enbridge Energy Pipeline 9/7/2010 9/30/2013 Romeoville IL PAB-13-03   PDF Summary
Enterprise Products Natural Gas Pipeline Excavation Damage, Rupture, and Fire 6/7/2010 9/9/2013 Cleburne TX PAB-13-02   PDF Summary
Rupture of Florida Gas Transmission Pipeline and Release of Natural Gas 5/4/2009 8/13/2013 Palm City FL PAB-13-01   PDF Full Text
Enbridge Incorporated Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Rupture and Release 7/25/2010 7/10/2012 Marshall MI PAR-12-01 PB2012-916501 PDF Summary
Pacific Gas and Electric Company Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline Rupture and Fire 9/9/2010 8/30/2011 San Bruno CA PAR-11-01 PB2011-916501 PDF Summary
Explosion, Release, and Ignition of Natural Gas 12/24/2008 5/18/2010 Rancho Cordova CA PAB-10-01   PDF Full Text
Rupture of Hazardous Liquid Pipeline with Release and Ignition of Propane 11/1/2007 10/14/2009 Carmichael MS PAR-09-01 PB2009-916501  PDF Summary
Natural Gas Distribution Line Break and Subsequent Explosion and Fire 3/5/2008 11/21/2008 Plum Borough PA PAB-08-01   PDF Full Text
Anhydrous Ammonia Pipeline Rupture 10/27/2004 6/14/2007 Kingman KS PAB-07-02   PDF Full Text
Natural Gas Service Line Break and Subsequent Explosion and Fire 12/13/2005 5/1/2007 Bergenfield NJ PAB-07-01   PDF Full Text
Natural Gas Pipeline Leak, Explosion, and Fire 8/21/2004 5/31/2006 DuBois PA PAB-06-01   PDF Full Text
Storage Tank Explosion and Fire 4/7/2003 10/13/2004 Glenpool OK PAR-04-02 PB2004-916502 PDF Summary
Rupture of Enbridge Pipeline and Release of Crude Oil 7/4/2002 6/23/2004 Cohasset MN PAR-04-01 PB2004-916501 PDF Summary
Excavation Damage to Natural Gas Distribution Line Resulting in Explosion and Fire 7/2/2003 4/6/2004 Wilmington DE PAB-04-01   PDF Full Text
Natural Gas Pipeline Rupture and Fire 8/19/2000 2/11/2003 Carlsbad NM PAR-03-01 PB2003-916501 PDF Summary
Pipeline Rupture and Release of Gasoline, Olympic Pipeline Company 6/10/1999 10/8/2002 Bellingham WA PAR-02-02 PB2002-916502 PDF Summary
Rupture of Piney Point Oil Pipeline and Release of Fuel Oil 4/7/2000 7/23/2002 Chalk Point MD PAR-02-01 PB2002-916501 PDF Summary
Natural Gas Explosion and Fire 7/7/1998 6/12/2001 South Riding VA PAR-01-01 PB2001-916501 PDF Summary
Hazardous Liquid Pipe Failure and Leak, Explorer Pipeline Company 3/9/2000 7/6/2001 Greenville TX PAB-01-03   PDF Full Text
Hazardous Liquid Pipe Failure and Leak, Marathon Ashland Pipe Line, LLC 1/27/2000 5/3/2001 Winchester KY PAB-01-02   PDF Full Text
Hazardous Liquid Petroleum Products Pipeline Rupture, Colonial Pipeline Company 2/10/1999 3/28/2001 Knoxville TN PAB-01-01   PDF Full Text
Natural Gas Service Line and Rupture and Subsequent Explosion and Fire 1/22/1999 11/28/2000 Bridgeport AL PAB-00-01   PDF Full Text
Natural Gas Pipeline Rupture and Subsequent Explosion 12/11/1998 7/11/2000 St. Cloud MN PAR-00-01 PB2000-916501 PDF Summary
Hazardous Liquid Petroleum Products Overpressure Rupture 11/5/1996 4/29/1999 Murfreesboro TN PAB-99-03   PDF Full Text
Pipeline Rupture and Fire 7/21/1997 4/20/1999 Indianapolis IN PAB-99-02   PDF Full Text
Pipe Failure and Leak, Morgan Falls Landfill 3/30/1998 3/22/1999 Sandy Springs GA PAB-99-01   PDF Full Text
Pipeline Rupture, Liquid Butane Release and Fire 8/24/1996 11/6/1998 Lively TX PAR-98-02 PB98-916503 PDF Summary
Pipeline Rupture and Release of Fuel Oil in the Reedy River 6/26/1996 11/4/1998 Fork Shoals SC PAR-98-01 PB98-916502 PDF Summary
Natural Gas Pipeline Rupture and Fire During Dredging 10/23/1996 9/28/1998 Tiger Pass LA PAR98-01 PB98-916501 PDF Summary
Release of Hazardous Liquid 5/23/1996 9/21/1998 Grammercy LA PAB-98-01   PDF Summary
Fire and Explosion, Midwest Gas Company 10/17/1994 4/23/1998 Waterloo IA PAB-98-02   PDF Full Text
San Juan Gas Company, Inc./Enron Corp. Propane Gas Explosion (Also Available in Spanish) 11/21/1996 12/23/1997 San Juan PR PAR-97-01 PB97-916501 PDF Summary
UGI Utilities, Inc., Natural Gas Distribution Pipeline Explosion and Fire 6/9/1994 2/26/1996 Allentown PA PAR-96-01 PB96-916501 PDF Summary
Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation Natural Gas Pipeline Explosion and Fire 3/23/1994 1/18/1995 Edison NJ PAR-95-01 PB95-916501 PDF
Highly Volatile Release from Underground Storage Cavern and Explosion, Mapco Natural Gas Liquids, Inc. 4/7/1992 11/4/1993 Brenham TX PAR-93-01 PB93-916502
Pipeline Accident 1/17/1992 1/5/1993 Chicago IL PAR93-01 PB93-916501
Natural Gas Explosion and Fire, Department of Defense/Army, Fort Benjamin Harrison 12/9/1990 4/8/1992 Indianapolis IN PAR-92-01 PB92-916501
Natural Gas Pipeline Explosion and Fire Leak 8/29/1990 8/6/1991 Allentown PA DCA90FP001   PDF
Liquid Propane Pipeline Rupture and Fire Texas Eastern Products Pipeline Company 3/13/1990 6/11/1991 North Blenheim NY PAR-91-01 PB91-916501
Kansas Power and Light Company Natural Gas Pipeline Accidents 9/16/1988 to 3/29/1989 3/27/1990 KS PAR-90-03 PB-90-916503
Fire on Board the F/V Northumberland and Rupture of a Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico 10/3/1989 9/11/1990 Sabine Pass TX PAR-90-02 PB90-916502
Derailment of Southern Pacific Transportation Company Freight Train and Subsequent Rupture of Calney Petroleum Pipeline 5/12/1989 6/19/1990 San Bernadino CA RAR-90-02 PB90-016302
Kansas Power and Light Company Natural Gas Pipeline Accidents (revised PAR-90-03) 9/16/1988 to 3/29/1989 3/27/1990 KS PAR-90-01 PB90-916501
Pipeline Accident 8/31/1988 9/30/1989 Green Oaks IL PAR89-01 PB89-916501
Piedmont Natural Gas Company Natural Gas Explosion and Fire 1/18/1988 10/25/1988 Winston-Salem NC PAR-88-01 PB88-916501
Pipeline Accident 3/13/1986 9/30/1987 Chicago Heights IL PAR87-01 PB87-916504
Lone Star Gas Company Gas Explosion and Fire 3/12/1986 8/4/1987 Fort Worth TX PAR-87-03 PB87-916503
Williams Pipe Line Company Liquid Pipeline Rupture and Fire 7/8/1986 7/20/1987 Mounds View MN PAR-87-02 PB87-916502 PDF
Texas Eastern Gas Pipeline Company Ruptures and Fires (4/27/1985 - Beaumont, KY and 2/21/1986 - Lancaster, KY) 2/18/1987 KY PAR-87-01 PB87-916501 PDF
Northeast Utilities Service Co. Explosion and Fire 12/6/1985 11/14/1986 Derby CT PAR-86-02 PB86-916503
Pipeline Accident 11/25/1984 3/31/1986 Jackson LA PAR86-01 PB86-916502
Pipeline Accident 8/22/1985 3/31/1986 Pinson AL PAR86-01 PB86-916502
Continental Pipe Line Company Pipeline Rupture and Fire 7/23/1985 3/18/1986 Kaycee WY PAR-86-01 PB86-916501
National Fuel Gas Company Natural Gas Explosion and Fire 2/22/1985 10/25/1985 Sharpsville PA PAR-85-02 PB85-916502
Arizona Public Service Company Natural Gas Explosion and Fire 9/25/1984 6/12/1985 Phoenix AZ PAR-85-01 PB85-916501
Boston Gas Company Natural Gas Overpressure Explosion and Fire 9/23/1983 10/16/1984 Boston MA PAR-84-05 PB84-91605
Columbia Gas of West Virginia, Inc., Explosion and Fire 10/17/1983 9/5/1984 South Charleston WV PAR-84-04 PB84-916504
Washington Gas Light Company Natural Gas Explosion and Fire 10/13/1983 8/9/1984 Herndon VA PAR-84-03 PB84-916503
Interstate Power Company Natural Gas Explosion and Fire 7/12/1983 5/17/1984 Clear Lake IA PAR-84-02 PB84-916502
Mid-America Pipeline System Liquefied Petroleum Gas Pipeline Rupture 3/15/1983 5/15/1984 West Odessa TX PAR-84-01 PB84-916501
El Paso Natural Gas Company Compressor Station Explosion and Fire 5/26/1983 12/12/1983 Bloomfield NM PAR-83-04 PB83-916504
Mississippi River Transmission Corp. Natural Gas Flash Fire 10/1/1982 7/26/1983 Pine Bluff AR PAR-83-03 PB83-916503
Northern Natural Gas Company Pipeline Puncture, Explosion and Fire 11/4/1982 5/17/1983 Hudson IA PAR-83-02 PB83-916502
The Gas Company of New Mexico Natural Gas Explosion and Fire 6/28/1982 1/13/1983 Portales NM PAR-83-01 PB83-916501
Missouri Power and Light Company Natural Gas Fires 1/28/1982 8/24/1982 Centralia MO PAR-82-03 PB82-916503
The Chaparral Pipeline Explosion and Fire 9/27/1981 4/20/1982 Ackerly TX PAR-82-02 PB82-916502
Pacific Gas and Electric Company Natural Gas Pipeline and Puncture 8/25/1981 2/25/1982 San Francisco CA PAR-82-01 PB82-916501
Issue 1, 1982 Brief Reports 1/22/1982 PAB-82-01 PB82-916901
Four Corners Pipeline Company Pipe Rupture and Fire 12/1/1980 8/18/1981 Long Beach CA PAR-81-04 PB82-102377
Williams Pipeline Company Gasoline Explosion and Fire 4/16/1980 7/22/1981 Roseville MN PAR-81-03 PB81-236820
Colonial Pipeline Company Petroleum Products Pipeline Failures 3/6/1980 7/15/1981 Manassas/Locust Grove VA PAR-81-02 PB81-231789
Union Light, Heat, and Power Company Natural Gas Explosion and Fire 10/9/1980 4/29/1981 Independence KY PAR-81-01 PB81-207102
The Pipelines of Puerto Rico, Inc., Petroleum Products Pipeline Rupture and Fire 1/30/1980 12/19/1980 Bayamon PR PAR-80-06 PB81-204851
Issue 1, 1980 Brief Reports 9/18/1980 PAB-80-01 PB81-156978
Municipal Gas Department of Cordele, Georgia Explosion and Fire 2/21/1980 9/9/1980 Cordele GA PAR-80-05 PB81-105629
Washington Gas and Light Company Natural Gas Explosion 10/30/1979 7/8/1980 Washington DC PAR-80-04 PB80-213457
Columbia Gas of Virginia, Inc., Natural Gas Explosion and Fire 10/24/1979 6/10/1980 Standardsville VA PAR-80-03 PB80-202880
Columbia Liquefied Natural Gas Corporation Explosion and Fire 10/6/1979 4/16/1980 Covepoint MD PAR-80-02 PB80-185721
Southern Natural Gas Company Rupture and Fire of a 14-inch Gas Transmission Pipeline 7/15/1979 2/21/1980 New Orleans LA PAR-80-01 PB80-162894
Philadelphia Gas Works Natural Gas Pipeline Rupture, Explosion, and Fire 5/11/1979 9/27/1979 Philadelphia PA PAR-79-03 PB80-108863
Gas Service Company, Explosion and Fire 1/16/1979 8/16/1979 London KY PAR-79-02 PB-299850/AS
Mid-America Pipeline System Liquefied Petroleum Gas Pipeline Rupture and Fire 8/4/1978 5/3/1979 Donnellson IA PAR-79-01 PB-296136/AS
The Gas Service Company, Natural Gas Pipeline Rupture and Fire 6/12/1978 12/7/1978 Kansas City MO PAR-78-05 PB-290496/AS
Kansas Public Service Company, Inc., Explosion and Fire 12/15/1977 7/5/1978 Lawrence KS PAR-78-04 PB-286345/AS
Issue 1, 1977 Brief Reports 6/20/1978 PAB-78-01 PB-284470
Atlanta Gas Light Company, High-Pressure Gas Main Rupture 12/1/1977 5/18/1978 Atlanta GA PAR-78-03 PB-294650/AS
Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, Explosion and Fire, Pump Station 8 7/8/1977 3/9/1978 Fairbanks AK PAR-78-02 PB-294651/AS
Consolidated Gas Supply Corporation, Propane Pipeline Rupture and Fire 7/20/1977 1/12/1978 Ruff Creek PA PAR-78-01 PB-278192/AS
Pennsylvania Gas and Water Company, Natural Gas Explosions 1/25/1977 11/23/1977 Williamsport PA PAR-77-04 PB-277052/AS
Exxon Gas System, Inc., Natural Gas Explosion and Fire 12/7/1976 10/13/1977 Robstown TX PAR-77-03 PB-275174/AS
UGI Corporation, Natural Gas Explosion and Fire 8/8/1976 5/18/1977 Allentown PA PAR-77-02 PB-268938/8GA
United Gas Pipeline Company, 20-inch Pipeline Rupture and Fire 8/9/1976 4/26/1977 Cartwright LA PAR-77-01 PB-268606/1GA
Standard Oil Company of California, Pipeline Rupture 6/16/1976 12/9/1976 Los Angeles CA PAR-76-08 PB-264347/AS
Sun Pipeline Company, Rupture of 8-inch Pipeline 8/2/1975 7/20/1976 Romulus MI PAR-76-07 PB-257671/AS
Nebraska Natural Gas Company, Pathfinder Hotel Explosion and Fire 1/10/1976 7/7/1976 Fremont NE PAR-76-06 PB-257363/AS
Dow Chemical U.S.A., Natural Gas Liquids Explosion and Fire 5/12/1975 6/30/1976 Devers TX PAR-76-05 PB-255979/AS
West Texas Gulf Pipeline Company 12/1/1974 6/9/1976 Abilene TX PAR-76-04 PB-257166/AS
Mid Valley Pipeline Company, Crude Oil Terminal Fire 1/17/1975 4/27/1976 Lima OH PAR-76-03 PB-253988/AS
Consolidated Edison Company, Explosion 4/22/1974 4/19/1976 New York NY PAR-76-02 PB-252022/AS
Texas Oil and Gas Corporation, 6-inch Natural Gas Gathering Pipeline Failure 5/21/1974 2/4/1976 Meridian MS PAR-76-01 PB-250935/AS
Southern Union Gas Company, Transmission Pipeline Failure 3/15/1974 12/23/1975 Farmington NM PAR-75-03 PB-250774/AS
Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Corp., 30 inch Transmission Line Failure 6/9/1974 5/28/1975 Bealeton VA PAR-75-02 PB-244547/AS
Michigan Wisconsin Pipeline Company 3/2/1974 4/2/1975 Monroe LA PAR-75-01 PB-241988/AS
Mid America Pipeline System, Anhydrous Ammonia Leak 12/6/1973 11/11/1974 Conway KS PAR-74-06 PB-238158/AS
Washington Gas Light Company 6/23/1973 10/24/1974 Bowie MD PAR-74-05 PB-238039/AS
Columbia Gas of West Virginia, Inc. 12/2/1973 8/21/1974 Charleston WV PAR-74-04 PB-236479/AS
Missouri Public Service Company 12/9/1972 2/27/1974 Clinton MO PAR-74-03 PB-230617/AS
Southern Union Gas Company 4/22/1973 2/13/1974 El Paso TX PAR-74-02 PB-229868/AS
UGI Corporation 2/21/1973 2/7/1974 Coopersburg PA PAR-74-01 PB-228673/AS
Phillips Pipeline Company, Natural Gas Liquids Fire 2/22/1973 11/7/1973 Austin TX PAR-73-04 PB-225845
Atlanta Gas Light Company 8/31/1972 8/16/1973 Atlanta GA PAR-73-03 PB-223336
Exxon Pipeline Company, Crude Oil Explosion 5/14/1972 8/1/1973 Hearne TX PAR-73-02 PB-222656
Northern States Power Company 10/30/1972 5/16/1973 Lake City MN PAR-73-01 PB-221393
Lone Star Gas Company 10/4/1971 12/13/1972 Fort Worth TX PAR-72-05 PB-214777
Washington Gas Light Company, Natural Gas Explosion 3/24/1972 11/22/1972 Annandale VA PAR-72-04 PB-214328
Lone Star Gas Company 10/4/1971 11/8/1972 North Richland Hills TX PAR-72-03 PB-213615
Equitable Gas Company, Natural Gas Distribution System 11/17/1971 5/25/1972 Pittsburg PA PAR-72-02 PB-211000
Phillips Pipeline Company, Propane Gas Explosion 12/9/1970 3/1/1972 Franklin County MO PAR-72-01 PB-209876
Colonial Pipeline Company, Petroleum Products Pipeline 9/3/1970 12/8/1971 Jacksonville MD PAR-71-02 PB-207130
High Pressure Natural Gas Pipeline 9/9/1969 7/1/1971 Houston TX PAR-71-01 PB-202868
Low Pressure Natural Gas Distribution System 11/6/1969 10/14/1970 Burlington IA PAR-70-01 PB-196054
Low Pressure Natural Gas Distribution System 6/3/1969 12/4/1969 Gary IN PAR- PB-190200