Marine Accident Reports

The NTSB issues an accident report following the investigation. These reports are available online for reports issued since 1996, with older reports coming online soon.

The reports listing is sortable by the event date, report date, city, and state. Click on any of those headings to sort the data.

Title Event date Report date City State NTSB # NTIS #  
Marine Accident Brief: Breakaway of Tanker Harbour Feature from its Moorings and Subsequent Allision with the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge 4/1/2013 11/12/2014 Piscataqua River at the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge, Portsmouth NH MAB-14-21   PDF Summary
Grounding and Sinking of the Harbor Tug Kaleen McAllister 5/4/2013 11/3/2014 Northwest Harbor, Baltimore MD MAB14-20   PDF Summary
Marine Accident Brief: Allision of Bulk Carrier Herbert C. Jackson with the Jefferson Avenue Bridge 5/12/2013 10/15/2014 Rouge River at Jefferson Avenue Bridge, city of River Rouge, near Detroit MI MAB-14-19   PDF Summary
Marine Accident Brief: Sinking of Oceanographic Research Vessel Seaprobe 1/18/2013 9/25/2014 Gulf of Mexico, about 130 nautical miles south-southeast of Mobile AL MAB-14-18   PDF Summary
Marine Accident Brief: Capsizing of Towing Vessel Megan McB 7/3/2013 9/4/2014 Lock and Dam 7, Mississippi River mile marker 702.5, near La Crescent MN MAB-14-17   PDF Summary
Safer Seas 2013: Lessons Learned From Marine Accident Investigations 9/11/2014   PDF
Marine Accident Brief: Capsizing and Sinking of the Fishing Vessel Advantage 8/21/2012 8/20/2014 Approx. 14 nautical miles southeast of Cape Barnabas, Kodiak Island AK MAB-14-16   PDF Summary
Marine Accident Brief: Sinking of Fishing Vessel Long Shot 11/15/2013 7/25/2014 Gulf of Mexico, 150 nautical miles southwest of Panama City FL MAB-14-15   PDF Summary
Marine Accident Brief: Fire On Board Motor Yacht Ocean Alexander 85E06 7/10/2013 7/15/2014 San Juan Islands WA MAB-14-14   PDF Summary
Marine Accident Brief: Fire and Explosions On Board Towing Vessel Safety Runner and Kirby Barges 28182 and 28194 4/24/2013 7/14/2014 Mobile AL MAB-14-13   PDF Summary
Marine Accident Brief: Grounding and Sinking of Towing Vessel Stephen L. Colby 11/25/13 7/15/2014 LeClaire IA MAB-141-2   PDF Summary
Special Investigation Report: Parasailing Safety   6/18/2014     SIR-14-02 PB2014-106341 PDF Summary
Grounding of Commercial Towing Vessel Justice 3/21/2013 5/29/2014 Hog Island Channel, 140 yards northeast of light 17,
near Cape Cod Canal
MA MAB-14-10   PDF Summary
Allision of the Dale A. Heller Tow with Marseilles Dam 4/18/2013 6/13/2014 Illinois River, Mile Marker 247, Marseilles IL MAB-14-11   PDF Summary
Engine Room Fire On Board Fishing Vessel Arctic Storm 5/20/2013 5/29/2014 North Pacific Ocean, about 46 nautical miles west of Aberdeen WA MAB-14-09   PDF Summary
Sinking of Towing Vessel Delta Captain 4/13/2013 4/28/2014 Pacific Ocean, 13 nautical miles west of Point Sur CA MAB-14-08   PDF Summary
Allision of the Passenger Vessel Seastreak Wall Street with Pier 11, Lower Manhattan 1/9/2013 4/8/2014 New York NY MAR-14-01 PB2014-105712 PDF Summary
Allision of Tanker Wawasan Ruby with CSX Bayside Coal Pier 8/25/2012 4/15/2014 Baltimore MD MAB-14-07   PDF Summary
Sinking of Fishing Vessel Allison C 9/20/2012 4/15/2014 About 125 miles west-southwest of Point Piedras Blancas, California CA MAB-14-06   PDF Summary
Foundering of the Fishing Vessel Moonlight Maid 9/20/2012 3/14/2014 About 55 miles south of Seward, vicinity of Seal Rocks, Chiswell Islands, Gulf of Alaska AK MAB-14-05   PDF Summary
Engine Room Fire On Board Towing Vessel Marguerite L. Terral  6/09/2012 3/10/2014 Hickman KY MAB-14-04   PDF Summary
Sinking of Tall Ship Bounty 10/29/2012 2/6/2014 Atlantic Ocean, about 110 nautical miles southeast of Cape Hatteras NC MAB-14-03   PDF Summary
Bollard Failure Causing Breakaway of Cruise Ship Carnival Triumph from its Moorings, and Subsequent Collision with Dredge Wheeler and Towing Vessel Noon Wednesday 4/3/2013 1/23/2014 Mobile AL MAB-14-02   PDF Summary
Sinking of Offshore Supply Vessel Ricky B 5/30/2013 1/21/2014 Gulf of Mexico, 24 nautical miles south of Marsh Island LA MAB-14-01   PDF Summary
Collision Between Bulk Carriers Mary Ann Hudson and Star Grip 6/6/2012 12/18/2013 Houston Ship Channel TX MAB-13-19   PDF Summary
Allision of Tanker Overseas Reymar with San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge 1/7/2013 11/7/2013 San Francisco Bay CA MAB-13-18   PDF Summary
Sinking of Commercial fishing vessel Mary Kay 7/26/2012 10/31/2013 Dixon Entrance, Near Cape Chacon, Prince of Wales Island AK MAB-13-17   PDF Summary
Dockside Capsizing and Sinking of Towing Vessel Invader and Dry Dock #3 3/18/2012 7/16/2013 Vigor Industrial Shipyard, Port of Everett WA MAB-13-16   PDF Summary
Collision of Oil Tanker FR8 Pride with MODU Rowan EXL I 5/2/2012 6/27/2013 Corpus Christi TX MAB-13-13   PDF Summary
Grounding and Loss of the F/V Chevelle 3/10/2012 7/18/2013 Newport OR MAB-13-15   PDF Summary
Fire On Board and Sinking of Liftboat Mako 1/16/2012 7/16/2013 Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Guinea Nigeria MAB-13-14   PDF Summary
Fire on Board Passenger Vessel Safari Spirit 4/27/2012 7/3/2013 Seattle WA MAB-13-12   PDF Summary
Sinking of Fishing Vessel Viking II, Atlantic Ocean 10/7/2012 6/14/2013 75 nautical miles (nm) southeast off Cape May NJ MAB-13-11   PDF Summary
Engine Room Fire On Board Towing Vessel Patrice McAllister 3/27/2012 6/6/2013 4 miles southeast of Point Petre, near Prince Edward Point ON MAB-13-10   PDF Summary
Allision of the Cargo Vessel Delta Mariner with Eggner's Ferry Bridge, Tennessee River 01/26/2012 5/14/2013 near Aurora KY MAR-13-02 PB2013-106636 PDF Summary
Collision of Canadian Bulk Carrier John D. Leitch with Law Enforcement Vessel 10/3/2012 5/28/2013 Black River, Section E, Lorain OH MAB-13-09   PDF Summary
Sinking of Uninspected Fishing Vessel Plan B 2/21/2012 5/28/2013 10 nautical miles southeast of Kennebunkport ME MAB-13-08   PDF Summary
Allision of Container Vessel Rickmers Tokyo with Pier 11 at Port Richmond 12/23/2011 5/28/2013 Philadelphia PA MAB-13-07   PDF Summary
Fire on Board Uninspected Towing Vessel Ivory Coast 10/10/2011 5/16/2013 Baltimore MD MAB-13-06   PDF Summary
Fire Aboard Vehicle Carrier M/V Alliance Norfolk 3/10/2012 5/10/2013 Mediterranean Sea, about 30 miles northeast of Malta   MAB-13-05   PDF Summary
Collision between M/V Maersk Wisconsin and Tug and Barge Unit 12/5/2011 4/23/2013 Kill Van Kull, near Bergen Point NJ MAB-13-04   PDF Summary
Personnel Abandonment of Weather-Damaged US Liftboat Trinity II, with Loss of Life 9/8/2011 4/9/2013 Bay of Campeche, Gulf of Mexico   MAR-13-01 PB2013-106633 PDF Summary
Engine Room Fire and Eventual Flooding and Sinking of Fishing Vessel Lucky Diamond 5/10/2012 2/1/2013 Gulf of Mexico LA MAB-13-03   PDF Summary
Fire on Board Passenger Vessel Malaspina 2/7/2012 2/1/2013 Ketchikan AK MAB-13-02   PDF Summary
Sinking of Fishing Vessel Heritage 1/25/2012 2/1/2013 Alitak Bay AK MAB-13-01   PDF Summary
Collision of Tankship Elka Apollon With Containership MSC Nederland, Houston Ship Channel 10/29/2011 9/25/2012 Upper Galveston Bay TX MAR-12-02 PB2012-916402 PDF Summary
Allision of Passenger Ferry Andrew J. Barberi With St. George Terminal 5/8/2010 5/24/2012 Staten Island NY MAR-12-01 PB2012-916401 PDF Summary
Collision of Towing Vessel/Barge Natures Way Commander/ACBL 3111 with Barge CE-858, Gulf Intracoastal Waterway 2/1/2012 4/20/2012 Port Allen Lock LA MAB-12-02   PDF Full Text
Collision of Tugboat/Barge Alliance/MMI 3024 with Tankship Naticina, Texas City Channel and Gulf Intracoastal Waterway 8/17/2011 4/14/2012 Galveston TX MAB-12-01   PDF Full Text
Preliminary Report: Collision of Elka Apollon and MSC Nederland 10/29/2011 11/10/2011 Houston TX       Preliminary Report
Collision of Tankship Eagle Otome with Cargo Vessel Gull Arrow and Subsequent Collision with the Dixie Vengeance Tow, Sabine-Neches Canal 1/23/2010 9/27/2011 Port Arthur TX MAR-11-04 PB2011-916404 PDF Summary
Sinking of commercial fishing vessel Katmai 10/21/2008 9/13/2011 Adak AK MAB-11-03   PDF Full Text
Collision Between U.S. Coast Guard Vessel CG 33118 and Sea Ray Recreational Vessel CF 2607 PZ 12/20/2009 7/12/2011 San Diego CA MAR-11-03 PB2011-916403 PDF
Collision between USGC boat CG 25689 and passenger vessel Thriller 09 12/5/2009 6/30/2011 Charleston SC MAB-11-02 PDF
Collision of Tugboat/Barge Caribbean Sea/The Resource with Amphibious Passenger Vehicle DUKW 34 7/7/2010 6/21/2011 Philadelphia PA MAR-11-02 PB2011-916402 PDF
Sinking of U.S. Fishing Vessel Lady Mary, Atlantic Ocean 3/24/2009 5/2/2011 Cape May NJ MAB-11-01 PDF
Collision Between U.S. Passenger Ferry M/V Block Island and U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Morro Bay 7/2/2008 12/3/2010 Block Island Sound RI MAR-11-01 PB2011-916401 PDF
Fire On Board U.S. Small Passenger Vessel Fire Island Belle 9/20/2009 7/2/2010 Fair Harbor NY MAB-10-02   PDF
Allision of Recreational Boat with Push Boat Little Man II, Intracoastal Waterway 4/12/2009 2/24/2010 Ponte Vedra Beach FL MAB-10-01   PDF
Allision of Liberia-Registered Fruit Juice Carrier M/V Orange Sun with U.S.-Registered Dredge New York 1/24/2008 12/2/2009 Newark Bay NJ MAR-09-03 PB2009-916403 PDF
Engineroom Fire On Board U.S. Small Passenger Vessel Queen of the West, Columbia River 4/8/2008 11/17/2009 Rufus OR MAR-09-04 PB2009-916404 PDF
Sinking of U.S. Fish Processing Vessel Alaska Ranger, Bering Sea 3/23/2008 9/30/2009 Dutch Harbor AK MAR-09-05 PB2009-916405 PDF
Allision of Hong Kong-Registered Containership M/V Cosco Busan With the Delta Tower of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge 11/7/2007 2/18/2009 San Francisco CA MAR-09-01 PB2009-916401 PDF
Allision of Bahamas-Registered Tankship M/T Axel Spirit with Ambrose Light Entrance to New York Harbor 11/3/2007 4/7/2009 New York NY MAR-09-02 PB2009-916402 PDF
Grounding of U.S. Passenger Vessel Empress of the North, Intersection of Lynn Canal and Icy Strait, Southeast Alaska 5/14/2007 11/4/2008 Juneau AK MAR-08-02 PB2008-916402 PDF
Allision of Bahamas-Registered Tankship M/V Kition with Interstate Highway 10 Bridge Pier 2/10/2007 8/12/2008 Baton Rouge LA MAR-08-03 PB2008-916403 PDF
Heeling Accident on M/V Crown Princess, Atlantic Ocean 7/18/2006 1/30/2008 Cape Canaveral FL MAR-08-01 PB2008-916401 PDF
Boiler Rupture on Bahamian Cruise Ship S/S Norway, Port of Miami 5/25/2003 10/29/2007 Miami FL MAB-07-03   PDF
Fire Aboard Construction Barge Athena 106 10/12/2006 6/14/2007 West Cote Blanche Bay LA MAR-07-01 PB2007-916401 PDF
Grounding of the Hong Kong-Registered Container Ship New Delhi Express New York Harbor, Kill Van Kull Waterway 4/15/2006 5/30/2007 New York NY MAB-07-02   PDF
Fire on Board U.S. Small Passenger Vessel Massachusetts - Boston Harbor 6/12/2006 3/21/2007 Boston MA MAB-07-01   PDF
Grounding of Malaysian-flag Bulk Carrier M/V Selendang Ayu 12/8/2004 9/26/2006 Unalaska Island AK MAB-06-01   PDF
Capsizing of New York State-Certificated Vessel Ethan Allen 10/2/2005 7/25/2006 Lake George NY MAR-06-03 PB2006-916403 PDF
Fire On Board U.S. Small Passenger Vessel Express Shuttle II, Pithlachascotee River 10/17/2004 4/4/2006 Port Richey FL MAR-06-02 PB2006-916402 PDF
Capsizing of U.S. Small Passenger Vessel Lady D, Northwest Harbor 3/6/2004 3/7/2006 Baltimore MD MAR-06-01 PB2006-916401 PDF
Sinking of Uninspected Small Passenger Vessel Sydney Mae II in Pacific Ocean 9/19/2005 12/15/2005 Winchester Bay OR MAB-05-04   PDF
Heavy-Weather Damage to Bahamas-Flag Passenger Vessel Norwegian Dawn, Atlantic Ocean 4/16/2005 11/30/2005 Charleston SC MAB-05-03   PDF
Grounding of the Alaska Marine Highway System Ferry LeConte 5/10/2004 7/28/2005 Sitka AK MAB-05-02   PDF
Collision between the U.S. Navy Submarine USS Greeneville and Japanese Motor Vessel Ehime Maru 2/9/2001 9/29/2005 Oahu HI MAB-05-01   PDF
Capsizing of U.S. Small Passenger Vessel Taki-Tooo 6/14/2003 6/28/2005 Tillamook Bay OR MAR-05-02 PB2005-916402 PDF
Allision of Staten Island Ferry Andrew J. Barberi, St. George 10/15/2003 3/8/2005 Staten Island NY MAR-05-01 PB2005-916401 PDF
U.S. Towboat Robert Y. Love Allision With Interstate 40 Highway Bridge 5/26/2002 8/31/2004 Webbers Falls OK HAR-04-05 PB2004-916205 PDF
Engineroom Fire on the U.S. Passenger Vessel Columbia in Wrangell Narrows 5/28/2003 4/19/2004 Wrangell AK MAB-04-02 PDF
Grounding and Sinking of U.S. Passenger Vessel Safari Spirit, Kisameet Bay off Fisher Channel 5/8/2003 4/22/2004 Towns of Bella Bella and Shearwater, Denny Island, British Columbia Canada MAB-04-01 PDF
Sinking of the U.S. Small Passenger Vessel Panther 12/30/2002 3/9/2004 Everglades City FL MAR-04-01 PB2004-916401 PDF
Collision Between the U.S. Coast Guard Patrol Boat CG242513 and the U.S. Small Passenger Vessel Bayside Blaster 1/12/2002 12/17/2004 Biscayne Bay FL MAR-02-05 PB2002-916405 PDF
Grounding of the Small Passenger Vessel Finest 1/4/2001 9/17/2002 Sandy Hook NJ MAR-02-03 PB2002-916403 PDF
Fire On Board the Small Commuter Vessel Seastreak New York 9/28/2001 9/17/2002 Sandy Hook NJ MAR-02-04 PB2002-916404 PDF
Fire on Board the Small Passenger Vessel Port Imperial Manhattan, Hudson River 11/17/2000 6/11/2002 New York City NY MAR-02-02 PB2002-916402 PDF
Sinking of the Amphibious Passenger Vessel Miss Majestic, Lake Hamilton 5/1/1999 4/2/2002 Hot Springs AR MAR-02-01 PB2002-916401 PDF
Fire On Board the U.S. Passenger Ferry Columbia, Chatham Strait 6/6/2000 9/18/2001 Juneau AK MAR-01-02 PB2001-916403 PDF
Fire on Board the Netherlands-Registered Passenger Ship Nieuw Amsterdam 5/23/2000 7/24/2001 Glacier Bay AK MBR-01-01 PB2001-916402 PDF
Collision of U.S. Towboat Christine Cenac, U.S. Tank Barge CTCO 211, and U.S. Towboat American Heritage, Lower Mississippi River 6/27/1998 8/21/2001 Donaldsonville LA MAB-01-03 PDF
Collision of Liberian Containership Columbus Canada and U.S. Fishing Vessel Black Sheep, Gulf of Mexico 12/21/1998 8/22/2001 Galveston TX MAB-01-04 PDF
Sinking of the U.S. fishing vessel Miss Penelope 1/28/1998 8/3/2001 Montauk NY MAB-01-02 PDF
Fire On Board Liberian Passenger Ship Ecstasy 7/20/1998 5/1/2001 Miami FL MAR-01-01 PB2001-916401 PDF
Collision of Two Recreational Motorboats on the St. Croix River 7/3/1999 5/9/2001 Bayport MN MAB-01-01 PDF
Ramming of the Eads Bridge by Barges in Tow of the M/V Anne Holly with Subsequent Ramming and Near Breakaway of the President Casino on the Admiral 4/4/1998 9/8/2000 St. Louis Harbor MO MAR-00-01 PB2000-916401 PDF
Collision between Panamanian Container Ship Ever Grade and U.S. Coast Guard Buoy Tender Cowslip, Columbia River 5/14/1997 12/30/1999 Astoria OR MAB-99-01 PDF
Sinking of the Recrational Sailing Vessel Morning Dew at the Entrance to Harbor 12/29/1997 10/5/1999 Charleston SC MAR-99-01 PB99-916401 PDF
Capsizing of U.S. Fishing Vessel Evanick 4/25/1998 12/15/1998 Kodiak AK MAB-98-02 PDF
Fire Aboard the Tug SCANDIA and the Subsequent Grounding of the Tug and the Tank Barge NORTH CAPE on Moonstone Beach 1/19/1996 7/14/1998 Kingston RI MAR-98-03 PB98-916403 PDF
Fire on Board the Panamanian Passenger Ship UNIVERSE EXPLORER in the Lynn Canal 7/27/1996 4/14/1998 Juneau AK MAR-98-02 PB98-916402 PDF
Fire Aboard the Passenger Ship Vistafjord 4/6/1997 3/10/1998 Grand Bahama Island Bahamas MAB-98-01 PDF
Allision of the Liberian Freighter BRIGHT FIELD with the Poydras Street Wharf, Riverwalk Marketplace and New Orleans Hilton Hotel 12/14/1996 1/13/1998 New Orleans LA MAR-98-01 PB98-916401 PDF
Grounding of the Liberian Passenger Ship STAR PRINCESS on Poundstone Rock 6/23/1995 6/20/1997 Lynn Canal AK MAR-97-02 PB97-916403 PDF
Near Grounding of the Liberian Tank Ship PATRIOT BAY of Compeche, Mexico 10/15/1995 4/8/1997 Compeche Mexico MAR-97-01* PB97-916402 PDF
Grounding of the Panamanian Passenger Ship ROYAL MAJESTY on Rose and Crown Shoal 6/10/1995 11/26/1996 Nantucket MA MAR-97-01 PB97-916401 PDF
Capsizing of Questar Motorboat and Drowning of Operator South of Shelter Island 6/21/1994 11/26/1996 Juneau AK MAR-96-01* PB97-916401 PDF
Fire On Board the U.S. Fishing Vessel ALASKA SPIRIT 5/27/1995 6/11/1996 Seward AK MAR-96-01 PB96-916401 PDF
Fire on Board the U.S. MODU ROWAN ODESSA Gulf of Mexico 12/1/1994 9/22/1995 Gulf of Mexico Mexico MBR-96-01 PB96-917007 PDF
Engineroom Fire on Board the Liberian Tankship Seal Island while Moored at the Amerada Hess Oil Terminal 10/8/1994 12/12/1995 St. Croix Virgin Islands MAR-95-04 PB95-916404
Fire Aboard U.S. Small Passenger Vessel ARGO COMMODORE 12/3/1994 11/14/1995 San Francisco Bay CA MAR-95-03 PB95-916403
Fire on Board U.S. Fish Processing Vessel all Alaskan 7/24/1994 7/11/1995 Unimak Island AK MAR-95-02 PB95-916402
Collision of the Netherlands Antilles Passenger Ship Noordam and the Maltese Bulk Carrier Mount Ymitos 11/6/1993 7/5/1995 Gulf of Mexico Mexico MAR-95-01 PB95-916401
Explosion and Fire on Board the U.S. Tankship OMI Charger 10/9/1993 12/20/1994 Galveston TX MAR-94-04 PB94-916404
Sinking of U.S. Small Passenger Vessel El Toro II Near Point Lookout 12/5/1993 9/7/1994 Chesapeake Bay MD MAR-94-03 PB94-916403
Grounding of U.S. Passenger Vessel M/V Yorktown Clipper 8/18/1993 7/19/1994 Glacier Bay AK MAR-94-02 PB94-916402
U.S. Towboat Chris Collision with the Judge William Seeber Bridge 5/28/1993 6/7/1994 New Orleans LA HAR-94-03 PPB94-916203
Collision between the U.S. Offshore Supply Vessel Galveston and the Panamanian Bulk Carrier Atticos in the Lower Mississippi River at Mile 9.5 3/24/1993 2/1/1994 Venice LA MAR-94-03 PB94-916401
Collision of the U.S. Towboat Fremont and Tow with the St. Vincent and the Grenadines-Registered Containership Juraj Dalamtinac Houston Ship Channel 12/21/1992 12/8/1993 Houston TX MAR-94-02 PB93-916402
Issue 10, 1993 Brief Reports 6/15/1993 6/15/1993 Houston TX MAB-93-01 PB93-917301
Grounding of the United Kingdom Passenger Vessel RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 8/7/1992 5/25/1993 Cuttyhunk Island Vineyard MA MAR-93-01 PB93-916401
Issue 9, 1992 Brief Reports 12/3/1992 12/3/1992 Cuttyhunk Island Vineyard MA MAB-92-01 PB92-917301
Collision of the U.S. sailing vessel American Promise and the U.S. freight Barge E-2, being pushed ahead of the U.S. Tug M/V Sun Coast , off the cove point 4/21/1991 4/21/1991 Chesapeake Bay MD MAB-92-01* PB92-916406
Collision of the Hong Kong-Registered Motor Tank Ship MANDAN with the US Army Corp of Engineers Barge Flotilla at Mile 10.5 above Head of Passes in the Lower Mississippi River 8/1/1991 5/27/1992 Venice LA MAR-92-04 PB92-916404
Capsizing and Sinking of the Fish Processing Vessel ALEUTIAN ENTERPRISE in the Bering Sea 3/22/1990 4/14/1992 MAR-92-03 PB92-916403
Explosion and Fire on the U.S. Tank Ship SURG CITY Persian Gulf 2/22/1990 3/31/1992 MAR-92-02 PB92-916402
Grounding of the U.S. Tank Ship STAR CONNECTICUT Pacific Ocean 11/6/1990 1/7/1992 Barbers Point HI MAR-92-01 PB92-916401
Explosion and Fire Aboard the U.S. Tankship Jupiter 9/16/1990 10/29/1991 Bay City MI MAR-91-04 PB91-916404
Collision between the Greek Tankship Shinoussa and the U.S. Towboat Chandy N and Tow Near Red Fish Island 7/28/1990 9/17/1991 Galveston Bay TX MAR-91-03 PB91-91603
Issue 8, 1991 Brief Reports 6/14/1991 6/14/1991 MAB-91-01 PB91-917301
Capsizing and Sinking of the U.S. Lifeboat M/V AVCOV 7/31/1989 4/16/1991 Gulf of Mexico Mexico MAR-91-02 PB91-916402
Grounding of the Greek Tankship World Prodigy 6/23/1989 2/21/1991 Coast of Rhode Island RI MAR-91-01 PB91-916401
Capsizing and Sinking of the U.S. Self-Elevating Liftboat M/V Titan 6/29/1989 12/3/1990 Gulf of Mexico Mexico MAR-90-07 PB90-916408
Engineroom fire Aboard the U.S. Tankship Charleston in the Atlantic Ocean about 35 Miles off the South Coast 3/7/1989 10/10/1990 MAR-90-06 PB90-916407
Sinking of the U.S. Tug Barcona By the U.S. Navy Nuclear Attack Submarine USS HOUSTON (SNN 713) San Pedro Channel 6/14/1989 8/28/1990 Santa Catalina Island CA MAR-90-05 PB90-916406
Grounding of U.S. Tankship EXXON VALDEZ on Bligh Reef, Prince William Sound 3/24/1989 7/31/1990 Valdez AK MAR-90-04 PB90-916405
Grounding of the U.S. Passenger Vessel Islander 7/29/1988 5/17/1990 Woods Hole MA MAR-90-01* PB90-916404
Ramming of the U.S. Navy YFU-97 by the Panamanian Passenger Vessel VIKING PRINCESS Port of Palm Beach 2/15/1989 3/13/1990 Palm Beach FL MAR-90-03 PB90-916403
Sinking of the Passenger vessel COUGAR Off the Coast of Oregon 9/15/1988 1/2/1990 OR MAR-90-02 PB90-916402
Ramming of the Spanish Bulk Carrier Urduliz by the USS Dwight D Eisenhower (CVN 69) Hampton Roads 8/29/1988 1/3/1990 VA MAR-90-01 PB90-916401