Hazardous Materials Accident Reports

The NTSB issues an accident report following the investigation. These reports are available online for reports issued since 1996, with older reports coming online soon.

The reports listing is sortable by the event date, report date, city, and state. Click on any of those headings to sort the data.

Title Event date Report date City State NTSB # NTIS #    
Cargo Hose Rupture and Release of Anhydrous Ammonia During Offloading of a Werner Transportation Services Cargo Tank Motor Vehicle at the Tanner Industries Plant 7/15/2009 4/12/2012 Swansea SC HZM-12-01-SUM PB2012-917002 PDF Summary
Collision of Cargo Tank Truck and Automobile and Subsequent Fire 7/1/2009 11/12/2009 Upper Pittsgrove Township NJ HZB-09-01 PDF FullText
Cargo Fire Involving Lithium-Ion Batteries 08/07/2004 9/26/2005 Memphis TN HZB-05-01 PDF Full Text
Rupture of a Railroad Tank Car Containing Hazardous Waste 9/13/2002 12/1/2004 Freeport TX HZM-04-02 PB2004-917003 PDF Summary
Release of Hazardous Materials From Cargo Tank in Middletown, Ohio 8/22/2003 17/22/2004 Middleton OH HZB-04-01 PDF Full Text
Nurse Tank Failure with Release of Hazardous Materials 4/15/2003 6/22/2004 Calamus IA HZM-04-01 PB2004-917001 PDF Summary
Dana Transport, Inc., MC-307 Cargo Tank Catastrophic structural failure of cargo tank involving 5,152, gallons of polypropylene glycol 1/5/2002 8/21/2003 South Charleston WV HZB-03-01 PDF Full Text
Release and Ignition of Hydrogen Following the Collision Between a Tractor/Semitrailer with Horizontally Mounted Cylinders and a Pickup Truck 5/1/2001 9/17/2002 Ramona OK HZM-02-02 PB2002-917003 PDF Summary
Hazardous Materials Release From Railroad Tank Car With Subsequent Fire 7/14/2001 6/26/2002 Riverview MI HZM-02-01 PB2002-917002 PDF Summary
Rupture of a Railroad Tank Car Containing Hazardous Waste 2/19/1999 3/5/2001 Clymers IN HZM-01-01 PB2001-917002 PDF Summary
Spill of an undeclared shipment of hazardous materials in a cargo compartment of an aircraft Northwest Airlines Flight 957 10/28/1998 5/17/2000 Memphis TN HZB-00-01 PDF Full Text
Chemical Reactions During Cargo Transfer 11/19/1998 6/13/2000 Louisville KY HZB-00-02 PDF Full Text
Chemical Reactions During Cargo Transfer 16/4/1999 6/13/2000 Whitehall MI HZB-00-03 PDF Full Text
Overflow of Gasoline and Fire at a Service Station-Convenience Store 8/9/1998 9/21/1999 Biloxi MS HZM-99-02 PB99-917005 PDF summary
Fire and Explosion of Highway Cargo Tanks, Stock Island 6/29/1998 9/21/1999 Key West FL HZM-99-01 PB99-917005 PDF summary
Failure of Tank Car 3417 and Subsequent Release of Liquified Petroleum Gas 11/22/1997 12/1/1998 Pasadena TX HZM-98-01 PB98-917007 PDF summary
Tank Car Failure and Release of Corrosive and Poisonous Liquid, 4/2/1997 11/17/1998 Pasadena TX HZB-98-04 PDF Full Text
Tank Car Structural Failure with the Release and Ignition of Propane 3/6/1996 4/20/1998 Selkirk NY HZB-98-03 PDF Full Text
Tank Car Failure and Release of Flammable and Toxic Liquid 2/7/1996 4/20/1998 Sweetwater TN HZB-98-02 PDF Full Text
Tank Car Failure and Release of Poisonous and Corrosive Vapors, Gaylord Chemical Corporation 10/23/1995 1/27/1998 Bogalusa LA HZB-98-01 PDF Full Text
Tank Car Failure and Release of Arsenic Acid 6/6/1994 2/22/1995 Chattanooga TN HZM-95-01 PB95-917003