Aviation Accident Reports

The NTSB issues an accident report following the investigation. These reports are available online for reports issued since 1996, with older reports coming online soon.

The reports listing is sortable by the event date, report date, city, and state. Click on any of those headings to sort the data.

Title Event date Report date City State NTSB # NTIS #    
Crash During a Nighttime Nonprecision Instrument Approach to Landing, UPS Flight 1354 8/14/2013 9/9/2014 Birmingham AL AAR-14-02 PB2014-107898 PDF Summary
Descent Below Visual Glidepath and Impact With Seawall, Asiana Airlines Flight 214 7/6/2013 6/24/2014 San Francisco CA AAR-14-01 PB2014-105984 PDF Summary
Preliminary Report: Crash on takeoff of Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation G-IV 05/31/2014 6/13/2014 Bedford MA       Full Text
Southwest Airlines, Flight 812 04/01/2011 09/24/2013 Yuma AZ AAB-13-02   PDF Summary
Crash Following Loss of Engine Power Due to Fuel Exhaustion, Air Methods Corporation Eurocopter AS350 B2, N352LN 8/26/2011 4/9/2013 Mosby MO AAR-13-02 PB2013-103890 PDF Summary
Loss of Control Sundance Helicopters, Inc. Eurocopter AS350-B2, N37SH 12/7/2011 1/29/2013 Las Vegas NV AAR-13-01 PB2013-103890 PDF Summary
Omega Aerial Refueling Services flight crashed on takeoff from runway 21 5/18/2011 1/2/2013 Point Mugu Naval Air Station CA AAB-13-01 PDF Full Text
Crash During Experimental Test Flight, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation GVI (G650), N652GD 4/2/2011 10/10/2012 Roswell NM AAR-12-02 PBPB2012-910402 PDF Summary
Pilot/Race 177, The Galloping Ghost North American P-51D, N79111 09/16/2011 8/27/2012 Reno NV AAB-12-01 PB2012-102899 PDF Summary
Runway Overrun American Airlines Flight 2253 Boeing 757-200, N668AA 12/29/2010 06/18/2012 Jackson Hole WY AAR-12-01 PB2012-910401 PDF Summary
Loss of Control While Maneuvering Pilatus PC-12/45, N128CM 03/22/2009 07/12/2011 Butte MT AAR-11-05 PB2011-910405 PDF Summary
Crash After Encounter with Instrument Meteorological Conditions During Takeoff from Remote Landing Site New Mexico State Police Agusta S.p.A. A-109E, N606SP 06/09/2009 05/24/2011 Sante Fe NM AAR-11-04 PB2011-910404 PDF Summary
Collision into Mountainous Terrain, GCI Communication Corp. de Havilland DHC-3T, N455A 08/09/2010 05/24/2011 Aleknagik AK AAR-11-03 PB2011-910403 PDF Summary
Crash During Approach to Landing Empire Airlines Flight 8284 Avions de Transport Regional Aerospatiale Alenia ATR 42-320, N902FX 01/27/2009 04/26/2011 Lubbock TX AAR-11-02 PB2011-910402 PDF Summary
Crash During Attempted Go-Around After Landing East Coast Jets Flight 81 Hawker Beechcraft Corporation 125-800A, N818MV 07/31/2008 03/15/2011 Owatonna MN AAR-11-01 PB2011-910401 PDF Summary
Crash During Takeoff of Carson Helicopters, Inc. Firefighting Helicopter Under Contract to the U.S. Forest Service, Sikorsky S-61N, N612AZ 08/05/2008 12/7/2010 Weaverville CA AAR-10-06 PB2010-910406 PDF Summary
Runway Side Excursion During Attempted Takeoff in Strong and Gusty Crosswind Conditions Continental Airlines Flight 1404, Boeing 737-500, NN18611 12/20/2008 07/13/2010 Denver CO AAR-10-04 PB2010-910404 PDF Summary
Midair Collision Over Hudson River, Piper PA-32R-300, N71MC, and Eurocopter AS350BA, N401LH 08/08/2009 09/14/2010 Hoboken NJ AAR-10-05 PB2010-910405 PDF Summary
Loss of Thrust in Both Engines, US Airways Flight 1549 Airbus Industrie A320-214, N106US 01/15/2009 05/04/2010 Weehawken NJ AAR-10-03 PB2010-910403 PDF Summary
Runway Overrun During Rejected Takeoff, Global Exec Aviation, Bombardier Learjet 60, N999LJ 09/19/2008 04/06/2010 Columbia SC AAR-10-02 PB2010-910402 PDF Summary
Loss of Control on Approach, Colgan Air, Inc., Operating as Continental Connection Flight 3407, Bombardier DHC 8 400, N200WQ 02/12/2009 02/02/2010 Clarence Center NY AAR-10-01 PB2010-910401 PDF Summary
Crash During Approach to Landing of Maryland State Police Aerospatiale SA365N1, N92MD 09/27/2008 10/27/2009 District Heights MD AAR-09-07 PB2009-910407 PDF Summary
Loss of Control and Impact with Water, Marlin Air Cessna Citation 550, N550BP 06/04/2007 10/14/2009 Milwaukee WI AAR-09-06 PB2009-910406 PDF Summary
Crash of Cessna 500, N113SH, Following an In-Flight Collision with Large Birds 03/04/2008 07/28/2009 Oklahoma City OK AAR-09-05 PB2009-910405 PDF Summary
Ground Fire Aboard Cargo Airplane, ABX Air Flight 1611, Boeing 767-200, N799AX 06/28/2008 06/30/2009 San Francisco CA AAR-09-04 PB2009-910404 PDF Summary
In-Flight Left Engine Fire, American Airlines Flight 1400, McDonnell Douglas DC-9-82 09/28/2007 04/07/2009 St. Louis MO AAR-09-03 PB2009-910403 PDF Summary
Midair Collision of Electronic News Gathering Helicopters KTVK-TV, Eurocopter AS350B2, N613TV, and U.S. Helicopters, Inc., Eurocopter AS350B2, N215TV 07/27/2007 01/28/2009 Phoenix AZ AAR-09-02 PB2009-910402 PDF Summary
In flight Fire, Emergency Descent and Crash in a Residential Area Cessna 310R, N501N 07/10/2007 01/28/2009 Sanford FL AAR-09-01 PB2009-910401 PDF Summary
Crash of Skydive Quantum Leap de Havilland DHC-6-100, N203E 07/29/2006 09/16/2008 Sullivan MO AAR-08-03 PB2008-910403 PDF Summary
Runway Overrun During Landing Pinnacle Airlines Flight 4712 Bombardier/Canadair Regional Jet CL600-2B19, N8905F 04/12/2007 06/10/2008 Traverse City MI AAR-08-02 PB2008-910402 PDF Summary
Runway Overrun During Landing Shuttle America, Inc. Doing Business as Delta Connection Flight 6448 Embraer ERJ-170, N862RW 02/18/2007 04/15/2008 Cleveland OH AAR-08-01 PB2008-910401 PDF Summary
In-Flight Cargo Fire, United Parcel Service Company Flight 1307, McDonnell Douglas DC-8-71F, N748UP 02/7/2006 12/04/2007 Philadelphia PA AAR-07-07 PB2007-910-408 PDF Summary
Crash into Potomac River, LifeNet, Inc., Eurocopter EC-135 P2, N136LN 01/10/2005 12/14/2007 Oxon Hill MD AAB-07-04 PDF FullText
Crash of Sundance Helicopters, Inc., Aerospatiale AS350BA, N270SH 09/20/2003 10/30/2007 Near Grand Canyon West Airport AZ AAB-07-03 PDF Fulltext
Runway Overrun and Collision Southwest Airlines Flight 1248 Boeing 737-74H, N471WN 12/08/2005 10/02/2007 Chicago IL AAR-07-06 PB2007-910407 PDF Summary
Attempted Takeoff From Wrong Runway Comair Flight 5191 Bombardier CL-600-2B19, N431CA 08/27/2006 07/26/2007 Lexington KY AAR-07-05 PB2007-910406 PDF Summary
In-flight Separation of Right Wing Flying Boat, Inc., doing business as Chalk's Ocean Airways Flight 101 Grumman Turbo Mallard G-73T, N2969 12/19/2005 05/30/2007 Port of Miami FL AAR-07-04 PB2007-910405 PDF Summary
Crash During Turn Maneuver, Cirrus SR-20, N929CD 10/11/2006 05/01/2007 New York City NY AAB-07-02 PDF fulltext
Weather Encounter and Subsequent Collision into Terrain, Bali Hai Helicopter Tours, Inc., Bell 206B, N16849 09/24/2004 02/13/2007 Kalaheo HI AAR-07-03 PB2007-910404 PDF Summary
Weather Encounter and Subsequent Crash into the Pacific Ocean, Heli-USA Airways, Inc., Aerospatiale AS350BA, N355NT 09/23/2005 03/05/2007 Haena HI AAB-07-01 PDF Full Text
Crash During Approach to Landing, Circuit City Stores, Inc., Cessna Citation 560, N500AT 02/16/2005 01/23/2007 Pueblo CO AAR-07-02 PB2007-910403 PDF Summary
Crash of Pinnacle Airlines Flight 3701, Bombardier CL-600-2B19, N8396A 10/14/2004 01/10/2007 Jefferson City MO AAR-07-01 PB2007-910402 PDF Summary
Runway Overrun and Collision, Platinum Jet Management, LLC, Bombardier Challenger CL-600-1A11, N370V 02/02/2005 10/31/2006 Teterboro NJ AAR-06-04 PB2007-910401 PDF Summary
Controlled Flight Into Terrain, CASA C-212-CC, N960BW 11/27/2004 11/08/2006 Bamiyan Afghanistan AAB-06-07 PDF Full Text
Crash During Approach to Landing, Business Jet Services Ltd., Gulfstream G-1159A (G-III), N85VT 11/22/2004 11/02/2006 Houston TX AAB-06-06 PDF Full Text
Controlled Flight Into Terrain, Learjet 35A, N30DK 10/24/2004 05/23/2006 San Diego CA AAB-06-05 PDF Full Text
Departure From Controlled Flight, Learjet 24B, N600XJ 12/23/2003 05/23/2006 Helendale CA AAB-06-04 PDF Full Text
Crash During Takeoff in Icing Conditions, Canadair, Ltd., CL-600-2A12, N873G 11/28/2004 05/02/2006 Montrose CO AAB-06-03 PB2006-108497 PDF Full Text
Crash During Approach to Landing, Air Tahoma, Inc., Flight 185, Convair 580, N586P 08/13/2004 05/02/2006 Covington KY AAR-06-03 PB2006-910403 PDF Summary
Controlled Flight into Terrain, Era Aviation, Sikorsky S-76A++, N579EH 03/23/2004 03/07/2006 Galveston TX AAR-06-02 PB2006-910402 PDF Summary
Collision with Trees and Crash Short of Runway, Corporate Airlines Flight 5966, British Aerospace BAE-J3201, N875JX 10/19/2004 01/24/2006 Kirksville MO AAR-06-01 PB2006-910401 PDF Summary
CAircraft Accident Brief: Controlled Flight Into Terrain, Beech King Air 200, N501RH 10/24/2004 02/07/2006 Stuart VA AAB-06-01 PB2006-104812 PDF Full Text
Crash During Landing, Executive Airlines Flight 5401, Avions de Transport Regional 72-212, N438AT 04/09/2004 09/07/2005 San Juan PR AAR-05-02 PB2005-910402 PDF Summary
Hard Landing, Gear Collapse Federal Express Flight 647, Boeing MD-10-10F, N364FE 12/18/2003 05/17/2005 Memphis TN AAR-05-01 PB2005-910401 PDF Summary
In-Flight Engine Failure and Subsequent Ditching Air Sunshine, Inc., Flight 527, Cessna 402C, N314AB, About 7.35 Nautical Miles West-Northwest of Treasure Cay Airport 07/13/2003 10/13/2004 Great Abaco Island BS AAR-04-03 PB2004-910403 PDF Summary
In-Flight Separation of Vertical Stabilizer American Airlines Flight 587, Airbus Industrie A300-605R, N14053 11/12/2001 10/26/2004 Belle Harbor NY AAR-04-04 PB2004-910404 PDF Summary
Collision With Trees on Final Approach Federal Express Flight 1478, Boeing 727-232 07/26/2002 06/08/2004 Tallahassee FL AAR-04-02 PB2004-910402 PDF Summary
Uncontrolled Descent and Impact with Terrain, Eurocopter AS350-B2 Helicopter, N169PA 08/10/2001 06/03/2004 Meadview AZ AAB-04-02 PDF Full Text
Loss of Control and Impact with Terrain, Canadair Challenger CL-604 Flight Test Airplane, C-FTBZ 10/10/2000 04/14/2004 Wichita KS AAB-04-01 PDF Full Text
Loss of Pitch Control During Takeoff Air Midwest Flight 5481, Raytheon (Beechcraft) 1900D, N233YV 01/08/2003 02/26/2004 Charlotte NC AAR-04-01 PB2004-910401 PDF Summary
Loss of Control and Impact With Terrain Aviation Charter, Inc., Raytheon (Beechcraft) King Air A100, N41BE 10/25/2002 11/18/2003 Eveleth MN AAR-03-03 PB2003-910403 PDF Summary
In-Flight Electrical System Failure and Loss of Control, Jet Express Services, Raytheon (Beechcraft) Super King Air 200, N81PF 01/27/2001 01/15/2003 Near Strasburg CO AAR-03-01 PB2003-910401 PDF Summary
Loss of Control and Impact with Pacific Ocean, Alaska Airlines Flight 261, McDonnell Douglas MD-83, N963AS, about 2.7 miles north of Anacapa Island, California 01/31/2000 12/10/2002 Anacapa Island CA AAR-02-01 PB2002-910402 PDF Summary
Gulfstream III, N303GA 03/29/2001 06/11/2002 Aspen CO AAB-02-03 PDF Full Text
Cessna 335, N8354N Hillsboro, Missouri 10/16/2000 06/05/2002 Hillsboro MO AAB-02-02 PDF Full Text
In-flight Breakup Over the Atlantic Ocean Trans World Airlines Flight 800, Boeing 747-141, N93119 07/17/1996 08/23/2000 Moriches NY AAR-00-03 PB2000-910403 PDF Summary
Crash of Sunjet Aviation, Learjet Model 35, N47BA 10/25/1999 11/28/2000 Aberdeen SD AAB-00-01 PB2003-910402 PDF Full Text
Crash During Landing Federal Express, Inc., McDonnell Douglas MD-11, N611FE 07/31/1997 07/25/2000 Newark NJ AAR-00-02 PB2002-910401 PDF Summary
Controlled Flight Into Terrain, Korean Air Flight 801, Boeing 747-300, HL7468 08/06/1997 01/13/2000 Nimitz Hill Guam AAR-00-01 PB00-910401 PDF Summary
Schempp-Hirth Nimbus-4DM, N807BB 07/13/1999 09/27/2002 Minden NV AAB-02-06 PDF Full Text
Executive Airlines, British Aerospace J-3101, N16EJ 04/21/2000 08/26/2002 Bear Creek Township PA AAB-02-05 PDF Full Text
Southwest Airlines Flight 1455, Boeing 737-300, N668SW 03/5/2000 06/26/2002 Burbank CA AAB-02-04 PDF Full Text
EgyptAir Flight 990 Boeing 767-366ER, SU-GAP 10/31/1999 03/13/2002 Nantucket MA AAB-02-01 PB2002-910401 PDF Full Text
Runway Overrun During Landing, American Airlines Flight 1420, McDonnell Douglas MD-82 06/01/1999 10/23/2001 Little Rock AR AAR-01-02 PB2001-910402 PDF Summary
Collision with Terrain of Big Island Air flight 58, 10/25/1999 09/26/2001 Volcano HI AAB-01-02 PDF Full Text
Runway Departure During Attempted Takeoff, Tower Air Flight 41 Boeing 747-136, N605FF 12/20/1995 12/02/1996 New York NY AAR-96-04 PB96-910404 PDF Summary
Uncontained Engine Failure/Fire Valujet Airlines Flight 597 Douglas DC-9-31, N908VJ 06/08/1995 07/30/1996 Atlanta GA AAR-96-03 PB96-910403 PDF Summary
In-flight Icing Encounter and Loss of Control Simmons Airlines, d.b.a. American Eagle Flight 4184 Avions de Transport Regional (ATR) Model 72-212, N401AM 10/31/1994 07/09/1996 Roselawn IN AAR-96-01 PB96-910401 PDF Summary
In-flight Icing Encounter and Loss of Control Simmons Airlines, d.b.a. American Eagle Flight 4184 Avions de Transport Regional (ATR) Model 72-212, N401AM 10/31/1994 07/09/1996 Roselawn IN AAR-96-02 PB96-910402 PDF Summary
Ground Impact of American Airlines 1340 02/09/1998 05/14/2001 Chicago IL AAB-01-01 PDF Full Text
Uncontrolled Descent and Collision with Terrain, United Airlines Flight 585, Boeing 737-200, N999UA, 4 Miles South of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport 03/03/1991 03/27/2001 Colorado Springs CO AAR-01-01 PB2001-910401 PDF Summary
Crash of Sunjet Aviation, Learjet Model 35, N47BA 10/25/1999 11/28/2000 Aberdeen SD AAB-00-01 PDF Full Text
Crash During Landing Federal Express, Inc., McDonnell Douglas MD-11, N611FE 07/31/1997 07/25/2000 Newark NJ AAR-00-02 PB2000-910402 PDF Summary
Uncontrolled Descent and Collision With Terrain, USAir Flight 427, Boeing 737-300, N513AU 9/8/1994 03/24/1999 Aliquippa PA AAR-99-01 PB99-910401 PDF Summary
In-Flight Icing Encounter and Uncontrolled Collision with Terrain, Comair Flight 3272, Embraer EMB-120RT, N265CA 01/09/1997 01/04/1998 Monroe MI AAR-98-04 PB98-910404 PDF Summary
In-Flight Fire/Emergency Landing Federal Express Flight 1406 Douglas DC-10-10, N68055 09/05/1996 07/22/1998 Newburgh NY AAR-98-03 PB98-910403 PDF Summary
Uncontrolled Impact with Terrain Fine Airlines Flight 101 Douglas DC-8-61, N27UA 08/07/1997 06/16/1998 Miami FL AAR-98-02 PB98-910402 PDF Summary
Uncontained Engine Failure Delta Air Lines Flight 1288 McDonnell Douglas MD-88, N927DA 07/06/1996 01/13/1998 Pensacola FL AAR-98-01 PB98-910401 PDF Summary
In-Flight Fire and Impact With Terrain Valujet Airlines Flight 592 DC-9-32, N904VJ 05/11/1996 08/19/1997 Miami FL AAR-97-06 PB1997-910406 PDF Summary
Uncontrolled Flight Into Terrain ABX Air (Airborne Express) Douglas DC-8-63, N827AX 12/22/1996 07/15/1997 Narrows VA AAR-97-05 PB97-910405 PDF Summary
Runway Collision United Express Flight 5925 and Beechcraft King Air A90 Quincy Municipal Airport 11/19/1996 07/01/1997 Quincy IL AAR-97-04 PB97-910404 PDF Summary
Descent Below Visual Glidepath and Collision with Terrain Delta Air Lines Flight 554 McDonnell Douglas MD-88, N914DL 10/19/1996 08/25/1997 LaGuardia NY AAR-97-03 PB97-910403 PDF Summary
In-Flight Loss of Control and Subsequent Collision with Terrain CESSNA 177B, N35207 04/11/1996 03/11/1997 Cheyenne WY AAR-97-02 PB97-910402 PDF Summary
Wheels-Up Landing Continental Airlines Flight 1943 Douglas DC-9 N10556 02/19/1996 02/11/1997 Houston TX AAR-97-01 PB97-910401 PDF Summary
Ground Spoiler Activation in Flight/Hard Landing, Valujet Airlines Flight 558 Douglas DC-9-32, N922VV 01/07/1996 11/11/1996 Nashville TN AAR-96-07 PB96-910407 PDF Summary
In-flight Loss of Propeller Blade Forced Landing, and Collision with Terrain Atlantic Southeast Airlines, Inc., Flight 529 Embraer EMB-120RT, N256AS 08/21/1995 11/26/1996 Carrollton GA AAR-96-06 PB96-910406 PDF Summary
Collision with Trees on Final Approach American Airlines Flight 1572, McDonnell Douglas MD-83, N566AA 11/12/1995 11/13/1996 East Granby CT AAR-96-05 PB96-910405 PDF Summary
Runway Departure During Attempted Takeoff, Tower Air Flight 41 Boeing 747-136, N605FF 12/20/1995 12/02/1996 JFK Int Airport NY AAR-96-04 PB96-910404 PDF Summary
Uncontained Engine Failure/Fire Valujet Airlines Flight 597 Douglas DC-9-31, N908VJ 06/08/1995 07/30/1996 Atlanta GA AAR-96-03 PB96-910403 PDF Summary
Volume I: In-flight Icing Encounter and Loss of Control Simmons Airlines, American Eagle Flight 4184 Avions de Transport Regional (ATR) Model 72-212, N401AM 10/31/1994 07/09/1996 Roselawn IN AAR-96-01 PB96-910401 PDF Summary
Volume II: In-flight Icing Encounter and Loss of Control Simmons Airlines, American Eagle Flight 4184 Avions de Transport Regional (ATR) Model 72-212, N401AM 10/31/1994 07/09/1996 Roselawn IN AAR-96-02 PB96-910402 PDF Summary
Uncontrolled Collision with Terrain Flagship Airlines, Inc., dba American Eagle Flight 3379, BAe Jetstream 3201, N918AE 11/22/1994 08/30/1995 Bridgeton MO AAR-95-05 PB95-910405
Uncontrolled Collision with Terrain Air Transport International Douglas DC-8-63, N782AL 02/16/1995 08/30/1995 Kansas City MO AAR-95-06 PB95-910406
Crash during Emergency Landing Phoenix Air Learjet 35A, N521PA 12/14/1994 08/01/1995 Fresno CA AAR-95-04 PB95-910404 PDF Summary
Flight into Terrain during Missed Approach USAir 1016, DC-9-31, N954VJ 07/02/1994 04/04/1995 Charlotte NC AAR-95-03 PB95-910403
Controlled Collision with Terrain Transportes Aereos Ejecutivos, S.A. (TAESA) Learjet 25D, XA-BBA 06/18/1994 03/07/1995 DIA,Chantilly VA AAR-95-02 PB95-910402
Runway Overrun Following Rejected Takeoff, Continental Airlines Flight 795 McDonnell Douglas MD-82, N18835 03/02/1994 02/14/1995 LaGuardia Airport NY AAR-95-01 PB95-910401
Impact with Blast Fence upon Landing Rollout Action Air Charters Flight 990 Piper PA-31-350, N990RA 04/27/1994 12/13/1994 Stratford CT AAR-94-08 PB94-910410
Stall and Loss of Control on Final Approach, Atlantic Coast Airlines, Inc./ United Express Flight 6291 Jetstream 4101, N304UE 01/07/1994 10/06/1994 Columbus OH AAR-94-07 PB94-910409
Overspeed and Loss of Power on both Engines During Descent and Power-Off Emergency Landing Simmons Airlines, Inc., d/b/a American Eagle Flight 3641, N349SB 02/01/1994 09/27/1994 New Roads LA AAR-94-06 PB94-910408
Controlled Collision with Terrain Express II Airlines, Inc./ Northwest Airlink Flight 5719 Jetstream BA-3100, N334PX 12/01/1993 05/24/1994 Hibbing MN AAR-94-05 PB94-910407
Uncontrolled Collision with Terrain American International Airways Flight 808, Douglas DC-8-61, N814CK 08/18/1993 05/10/1994 U.S. Naval Air Station Guantanamo Bay Cuba AAR-94-04 PB94-910406
Controlled Flight into Terain Federal Aviation Administration Beech Super King Air 300/F, N82 10/26/1993 04/12/1994 Front Royal VA AAR-94-03 PB94-910405
Aviation Accidents 04/29/1993 04/12/1994 Pine Bluff AR AAR-94-02* PB94-910404
In-Flight Turbulence Encounter and Loss of Portions of the Elevators, China Airlines Flight C1-012 McDonnell Douglas MD-11-P Taiwan Registration B-150 12/07/1992 02/15/1994 about 20 Miles East of Japan Japan AAR-94-02 PB94-910403
Runway Departure Following Landing American Airlines Flight 102 McDonnell Douglas DC-10, N139AA 04/14/1993 02/14/1994 Dallas/Ft Worth TX AAR-94-01 PB94-910402
In-Flight Loss Of Propeller Blade And Uncontrolled Collision with Terrain Mitsubishi MU-2B-60, N86SD 04/19/1993 11/16/1993 Zwingle IA AAR-93-08 PB93-910409
Inadvertent In-Flight Slat Development China Eastern Airlines Flight 583 McDonnell Douglas MD-11, B-2171 04/06/1993 10/27/1993 950 Nautical Miles South Of Shemya AK AAR-93-07 PB93-410408 PDF
In-Flight Engine Separation Japan Airlines, Inc., Flight 46E Boeing 747-121, N473EV 03/31/1993 10/27/1993 Anchorage AK AAR-93-06 PB93-910407
Midair Collision Mitsubishi MU-2B-60, N74FB, and Piper PA-32-301, N82419 09/11/1992 09/13/1993 Greenwood Municipal Airport Greenwood IN AAR-93-05 PB93-910406
Aborted Takeoff Shortly After Liftoff Trans World Airlines Flight 843 Lockheed L-1011, N11002 07/30/1992 03/31/1993 John F. Kennedy International Airport Jamaica NY AAR-93-04 PB93-910404
Controlled Collision with Terrain GP Express Airlines, Inc., Flight 861 A Beechcraft C99, N118GP 06/08/1992 03/02/1993 Anniston AL AAR-93-03 PB93-910403
Takeoff Stall in Icing Conditions USAIR Flight 405, FOKKER F-28, N485US 03/22/1992 02/17/1993 LaGuardia Airport, Flushing NY AAR-93-02 PB93-910402
Aviation Accident 12/28/1991 04/27/1993 Block Island RI AAR93-01 PB93-910405
Tomy International, Inc. d/b/a Scenic Air Tours Flight 22, Beech Model E18S, N342E In-Flight Collision with Terrain 04/22/1992 02/02/1993 Mount Kaleakala, Maui HI AAR-93-01 PB93-910401
United Airlines Flight 585, Boeing 737-291, N999UA, Uncontrolled Collision with Terrain for Undetermined Reasons 03/03/1991 12/08/1992 Colorado Springs CO AAR-92-06 PB92-910407
Air Transport International, Inc., Flight 805 Douglas DC-8-63, N794AL Loss of Control and Crash 02/15/1992 11/19/1992 Swanton, OH AAR-92-05 PB92-910406
Britt Airways, Inc., d/b/a Continental Express Flight 2574 In-Flight Structural Breakup EMB-120RT, N33701 09/11/1991 07/21/1992 Eagle Lake TX AAR-92-04 PB92-910405
Atlantic Southeast Airlines, Inc. Flight 2311 Uncontrolled Collision with Terrain an Embraer EMB-120, N270AS 04/05/1991 Brunswick GA AAR-92-03 PB92-910403
Explosive Decompression - Loss of Cargo Door in Flight, United Airlines Flight 811 Boeing 747-122, N4713U 02/24/1989 03/18/1992 Honolulu HI AAR-92-02 PB92-910402 Summary
Aviation Accident 12/11/1991 07/08/1992 Rome GA AAR92-01*, PB92-910404
Ryan intl Airlines DC-9-15, N565PC Loss of Control on Takeoff Cleveland-Hopkins intl Airport 02/17/1991 11/16/1991 Cleveland-Hopkins intl Airport Cleveland OH AAR-91-09 PB91-910410
Runway Collision of USAIR Flight 1493, Boeing 737 and Skywest Flight 5569 Fairchild Metroliner 07/10/1991 03/03/1992 Los Angeles CA AAR-91-08 PB91-910409
Fuel Farm at Stapleton International Airport 11/25/1990 10/01/1991 Denver CO AAR-91-07 PB91-910408
Aircraft Accident/Incident Summary Report: Midair Collision involving Lycoming Air Services Piper Aerostar PA-60 and Sun Company Aviation Department Bell 412 04/04/1991 09/17/1991 Merion PA AAR-91-0 PB91-910407
Unstabilized Approach and Loss of Controll NPA, Inc. dba United Express Flight 2415 British Aerospace BA-3101, N410UE 12/26/1989 11/04/1991 Tri-Cities Airport Pasco, WA AAR-91-06 PB91-910406
NW Airlines, Inc., Flights 1482 and 299 Runway Incursion and Collision 12/03/1990 06/25/1991 Detroit Metropolitan/Wayne County Airport Romulus MI AAR-91-05 PB91-910405
Avianca, The Airline of Columbia, Boeing 707-321B, HK 2016, Fuel Exhaustion 01/25/1990 04/30/1991 Cove Neck NY AAR-91-04 PB91-910404
Runway Collision of Eastern Airlines Boeing 727, Flight 111 and EPPS Air Service 01/18/1990 05/21/1991 Atlanta Hartsfield intl. Arpt. Atlanta GA AAR-91-03 PB91-910403
Markair, Inc., Boeing 737-2X6C, N670MA Controlled Flight into Terrain 06/02/1990 01/23/1991 Unalakleet AK AAR-91-02 PB91-910402
Grand Canyon Airlines Flight Canyon 5 DeHavilland Twin Otter, DHC-6-300, N75GC 09/27/1989 01/08/1991 Grand Canyon National Park Airport Tusayan AZ AAR-91-01 PB91-910401
Aviation Accident -Issue 1 of 1989 12/18/1990 AAB-90-01 PB90-916901
United Airlines Flight 232 McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10 Sioux Gateway Airport 07/19/1989 11/01/1991 Sioux City IA AAR-90-06 PB90-910406 Summary
Aloha IslandAir, Inc., Flight 1712 DeHavilland Twin Otter, DHC-6-300, N707PV, Halawa Point 10/28/1989 09/25/1990 Halawa Point HI AAR-90-05 PB90-910405
USAIR Flight 105 Boeing 737-200, N283AU Kansas International Airport 09/08/1989 09/11/1990 Kansas City MO AAR-90-04 PB90-910404
USAIR, Inc., Boeing 737-400 LaGuardia Airport 09/20/1989 07/03/1990 Flushing NY AAR-90-03 PB90-910403
Evergreen International Airlines McDonnell Douglas DC-9-33F, N931F 03/18/1989 04/23/1990 Saginaw TX AAR-90-02 PB90-910402
United Airlines Flight 811 Boeing 747-122, N4713U (SEE AAR-92-02 THIS IS SUPERSEDED) 02/24/1989 04/16/1990 Honolulu HI AAR-90-01 PB90-910401
Aviation Accident 12/23/1987 09/30/1989 Kenai AK AAR89-03* PB89-9104067
Delta Air Lines, Inc., Boeing 727-232, N473DA, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport 08/31/1988 09/26/1989 Dallas TX AAR-89-04 PB89-910406
Aloha Airlines, Flight 243, Boeing 737-200, N73711 04/28/1988 06/14/1989 Maui HI AAR-89-03 PB89-910404 Summary
Aviation Accident 04/18/1987 03/31/1989 Kansas City MO AAR89-01* PB89-910403
Horizon Air, Inc., DeHavilland DHC-8 Seattle-Tacoma International Airport 04/15/1988 03/06/1989 Seattle WA AAR-89-02 PB89-910402
Trans-Colorado Airlines, Inc., Flight 2286 Fairchild Metro III, SA227 AC, N68TC 01/19/1988 02/04/1989 Bayfield CO AAR-89-01 PB89-910401
Aviation Accident 04/08/1987 12/31/1988 Travis AFB CA AAR88-03* PB88-910414
Ryan Air Service, Inc. Flight 103, Beech Aircraft Corporation 1900C, N401RA 11/23/1987 12/20/1988 Homer AK AAR-88-11 PB88-910413
Avair Inc. Flight 3378 Fairchild Metro III, SA227 AC, N622AV 02/19/1988 12/13/1988 Cary NC AAR-88-10 PB88-910412
In-Flight Fire, McDonnell Douglas DC-9-83, N569AA 02/03/1988 09/13/1988 Nashville TN HZM-88-02 PB88-917006
Continental Airlines, Inc., Flight 1713 McDonnell Douglas DC-9-14, N626TX, Stapleton International Airport 11/15/1987 09/27/1988 Denver CO AAR-88-09 PB88-910411 Summary
Fischer Bros. Aviation, Inc. dba NW Airlink, Flight 2268 Construcciones Aeronautics, S.A. (CASA) C-212-CC, N160FB, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport 03/04/1987 09/14/1988 Romulus MI AAR-88-08 PB88-910410
Executive Air Charter, Inc. dba American Eagle, Flight 5452 CASA C-212, N432CA 05/08/1987 08/02/1988 Mayaguez Puerto Rico AAR-88-07 PB88-910409
Air New Orleans, DBA Continental Express Flight 962, British Aerospace 3101 (Jetstream 31) N331CY, New Orleans intl Arpt 05/26/1987 05/31/1988 Kenner LA AAR-88-06 PB88-910408
Aviation Accident 04/22/1986 03/30/1988 Copperhill TN AAR88-02* PB88-910407
Northwest Airlines, Inc., McDonnell Douglas DC-9-82, N312RC, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport 08/16/1987 05/10/1988 Romulus MI AAR-88-05 PB88-910406
Joe Foster Excavating, Inc., Bell 206B, N49606, In-Flight Collision with Trees 08/03/1986 05/02/1988 Alamo CA AAR-88-04 PB88-910405
Midair Collision of Skywest Airlines Swearingen Metro II, N163SW and Mooney M20, N6485U 01/15/1987 03/15/1988 Kearns UT AAR-88-03 PB88-910404
Midair Collison of Cessna-340A, N8716K, and North American SNJ-4N, N71SQ 05/01/1987 02/16/1988 Orlando FL AAR-88-02 PB88-910402
Midair Collision of U.S. Army U-21A, Army 18061, and Sachs Electric Company Piper PA-31-350, N60SE 01/20/1987 02/03/1988 Independence MO AAR-88-01 PB88-910401
Aviation Accident 11/13/1986 12/30/1987 Newark NJ AAR87-04* PB87-9104131
North Star Aviation, Inc. PA-32 RT-300, N39614 and Alameda Aero Club Cessna 172, N75584 03/31/1987 10/27/1987 Oakland CA AAR-87-09 PB87-910412
Piedmont Airlines Flight 467 Boeing 737-222, N752N, Charlotte Douglas intl Airport 10/25/1986 09/01/1987 Charlotte NC AAR-87-08 PB87-910410
Collision of Aeronaves De Mexico, S.A. McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32, XA-JED and Piper PA-28-181, N4891F 10/31/1986 07/07/1987 Cerritos CA AAR-87-07 PB87-910409 Summary
Aviation Accident 01/29/1986 05/01/1987 Keflavik Iceland AAR87-01* PB87-910406
Piper PA-23-150, N2185P and Pan American World Airways Boeing 727-235, N4743 11/06/1986 06/25/1987 Tampa FL AAR-87-06 PB87-910407
Midair Collision of Nabisco Brands, Inc., Dassault Falcon, DA50, N784B and Air Pegasus Corp., Piper Archer, N1977H 11/10/1985 05/04/1987 Fairview NJ AAR-87-05 PB87-910405
Southern Air Transport Logair Flight 51, Lockheed L-382G Kelly Air Force Base 10/04/1986 04/09/1987 Kelly AFB TX AAR-87-04 PB87-910404
Simmons Airlines, Flight 1746, Embraer Bandeirante, EMB-110P1, N1356P 03/13/1986 02/18/1987 Alpena MI AAR-87-02 PB87-910402
Midwest Express Airlines, Inc., DC-9-14, N100ME General Billy Mitchell Field 09/06/1985 02/03/1987 Milwaukee WI AAR-87-01 PB87-910401 Summary
Aviation Accident 04/25/1985 12/31/1986 Detroit MI AAR86-03* PB86-910410
Henson Airlines Flight 1517 Beech B99, N339HA 09/23/1985 09/30/1986 Grottoes VA AAR-86-07 PB86-910409
Bar Harbor Airlines Flight 1808 Beech BE-99, N300WP Auburn-Lewiston Municipal Airport 08/25/1985 09/30/1986 Auburn ME AAR-86-06 PB86-910408
Delta Air Lines, Inc., Lockheed L-1011-385-1, N726DA, Dallas/ Fort Worth International Airport 08/02/1985 08/15/1986 Dallas TX AAR-86-05 PB86-910406 Summary
Provincetown-Boston Airlines Flight 1039, Embraer Bandeirante, EMB-110P1, N96PB 12/06/1984 06/24/1986 Jacksonville, FL AAR-86-04 PB86-910405
Aviation Accident 02/04/1985 06/30/1986 Soldotna AK AAR86-01* PB86-910404
Aviation Accident 06/27/1985 06/30/1986 San Juan Puerto Rico AAR86-01* PB86-910404
China Airlines Boeing 747-SP, N4522V 02/19/1985 03/29/1986 300 Nautical Miles Northwest of San Francisco CA AAR-86-03 PB86-910403
Air Canada Flight 797 McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32, C-FTLU Greater Cincinnati intl Airport 06/02/1983 (Revised) 01/31/1986 Covington KY AAR-86-02 PB86-910402 Summary
Aviation Accident 07/14/1984 12/31/1985 Concord CA AAR85-02* PB85-910410
Aviation Accident 09/24/1984 12/31/1985 Atlanta GA AAR85-02* PB85-910410
Aviation Accident 12/16/1984 12/31/1985 Jasper AL AAR85-02* PB85-910410
Aviation Accident 12/30/1984 12/31/1985 Avalon CA AAR85-02* PB85-910410
Aviation Accident 02/17/1984 12/31/1985 Charlottesville VA AAR85-02* PB85-910410
Aviation Accident 01/09/1985 12/31/1985 Kansas City KS AAR85-02* PB85-910410
Aviation Accident -Issue 13, 1984 Accidents 12/31/1985 Avalon CA AAB-86-09 PB86-916909
Aviation Accident 08/19/1983 09/30/1985 Denver CO AAR85-01* PB85-910409
Aviation Accident 07/16/1983 09/30/1985 Blountville TN AAR85-01* PB85-910409
Aviation Accident 02/06/1983 09/30/1985 Tucscon AZ AAR85-01* PB85-910409
Aviation Accident 12/20/1984 09/30/1985 Sioux Falls SD AAR85-01* PPB85-910409
Aviation Accident 04/28/1984 09/30/1985 Cockeysville MD AAR85-01* PPB85-910409
Aviation Accident 09/30/1984 09/30/1985 Akron OH AAR85-01* PPB85-910409
Aviation Accident 10/18/1984 09/30/1985 Seattle WA AAR85-01* PPB85-910409
Aviation Accident 11/11/1983 09/30/1985 Miami FL AAR85-01* PPB85-910409
Vieques Air Link, Inc., Britten- Norman BN-2A-6 Islander, N589SA 08/02/1984 09/27/1985 Vieques Puerto Rico AAR-85-08 PB85-910408
Midair Collision of Wings West Airlines Beech C-99 (N6399U) and Aesthtec, Inc., Rockwell Commander 112TC N112SM 08/24/1984 08/29/1985 San Luis Obispo CA AAR-85-07 PB85-910407
World Airways, Inc., Flight 30H, McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30CF, N113WA, Boston-Logan intl Airport (Revised).(Superseeds AAR-82-15) 01/23/1982 07/10/1985 Boston MA AAR-85-06 PB85-910406
United Airlines Flight 663, Boeing 727-222, N7647U 05/31/1984 03/21/1985 Denver CO AAR-85-05 PB85-910405
Zantop International Airlines, Inc., Lockheed L-188A Electra 05/30/1984 03/19/1985 Chalkhill PA AAR-85-04 PB85-910404
US Air, Inc., Flight 183 McDonnell Douglas DC9-31, N964VJ, Detroit Metropolitan Airport 06/13/1984 03/05/1984 Detroit MI AAR-85-01 PB85-910401
Air Continental Gates Learjet 23, Bradley International Airport 06/04/1984 03/05/1985 Windsor Locks CT AAR-85-02 PB85-910402
Air Illinois Hawker Siddley, HS 748-2A, N748LL 10/11/1983 03/05/1985 Pinckneyville IL AAR-85-03 PB85-910403
Scandinavian Airlines System Flight 901, McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30, John F. Kennedy Airport 02/28/1984 11/15/1984 Jamaica NY AAR-84-15 PB84-910415
Western Helicopters, Inc., Bell UG-1B, N87701(Revised) 07/23/1982 10/30/1984 Valencia CA AAR-84-14 PB84-910414
Pilgrim Airlines, Inc., Fokker F27-100, N148PM, John F. Kennedy International Airport 01/13/1984 10/16/1984 amaica NY AAR-84-12 PB84-910412
Air Canada Flight 965, Lockheed L-1011, C-FTNJ 11/23/1983 10/16/1984 Charleston SC AAR-84-13 PB84-910413
Central Airlines Flight 27, Hughes Charter Air, Gates Learjet Model 25 N51CA, Newark International Airport 03/30/1983 08/07/1984 Newark NJ AAR-84-11 PB84-910411 PDF
Korean Air Lines, McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30, HL7339 Southcentral Air Piper PA-31-350, N35206 12/23/1983 08/09/1984 Anchorage SAK AAR-84-10 PB84-910410
Air Canada Flight 797 Mcdonnell Douglas DC-9-32, C-FTLU, Greater Cincinnati International Airport (Revised and reissued as AAR-86-02) 06/02/1983 08/08/1984 Covington KY AAR-84-09 PB84-910409
Flying Tigers, Inc., Flight 2468 McDonnell Douglas DC8-63, N797FT Chambers Field, Naval Air Station 10/25/1983 05/30/1984 Norfolk VA AAR-84-08 PB84-910408
Midair Collision McDonnell Douglas F-4C/Beech D-55 Baron 01/09/1983 06/19/1984 Cherry Point NC AAR-84-07 PB84-910407
Landry Aviation Lockheed Learstar L-18, N116CA 08/21/1983 05/17/1984 Silvana WA AAR-84-06 PB84-910406
Las Vegas Airlines Flight 88, Piper PA-31-350 08/17/1983 05/05/1984 Grand Canyon AZ AAR-84-05 PB84-910405
Eastern Airlines Inc. Lockheed L-1011, N334EA Miami International Airport 05/05/1983 03/09/1984 Miami, FL AAR-84-04 PB84-910404 Summary
Western Helicopters, Inc., Bell UH-1B, N87701(REVISED SEE AAR-84-14) 08/17/1983 05/05/1984 Valencia CA AAR-84-02 PB84-910402
Sierra Pacific Airlines, DeHavilland DHC-6-300, N361V 02/15/1983 03/06/1984 Hailey ID AAR-84-03 PB84-910403
McCauley Aviation, Inc., Mitsubishi, MU-2B, N72B 03/24/1983 02/21/1984 Jeffersonville GA AAR-84-01 PB84-910401
Republic Airlines, Inc., Convair 580, N844H, 01/09/1983 10/18/1983 Brainerd MN AAR-83-08 PB83-910408
United Airlines Flight 2885, N8053U, McDonnell Douglas DC-8-54F 01/11/1983 10/31/1983 Detroit MI AAR-83-07 PB84-910401
Eastern Air Lines, Inc., Boeing 727-225, N8838E (Revised) 11/12/1975 09/07/1983 Raleigh NC AAR-83-06 PB84-910406
A. E. Staley Manufacturing Company, Inc., Canadair Challenger CL-600, N805C 01/03/1983 09/07/1983 Hailey ID AAR-83-05 PB84-910405
Coin Acceptors, Inc., Cessna Model 551, Citation II, N2CA 11/18/1982 09/07/1983 Mountain View MO AAR-83-04 PB84-910404
North American Rockwell Aero Commander Model 560E, N3827C and Cessna 182, N96402 Midair Collision, 11/20/1982 06/28/1983 Livingston NJ AAR-83-03 PB84-910403
Pan American World Airways, Inc., Clipper 759, Boeing 727-235, N4737, New Orleans International Airport 07/09/1982 03/21/1983 Kenner LA AAR-83-02 PB84-910402
IBEX Corporation Gates Learjet 23, N100TA, Atlantic Ocean 05/06/1982 04/08/1983 Savannah GA AAR-83-01 PB84-910401
Gifford Aviation, Inc., DeHavilland DHC-6, N103A0 05/16/1982 11/18/1982 Hooper Bay AK AAR-82-16 PB82-910416
World Airways, Inc., Flight 30H McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30CF, N113WA, Boston-Logan International Arpt(See AAR-85-06) 01/23/1982 12/15/1982 Boston MA AAR-82-15 PB82-910415
Reeve Aleutian Airways, NIHON YS-11A, N169RV 02/16/1982 11/30/1982 King Salmon AK AAR-82-14 PB82-910414
Sun West Airlines Flight 104, Piper PA-31-350 (T-1020), N41070, Durango LaPlata County Airport 10/31/1981 11/14/1982 Durango CO AAR-82-13 PB82-910413
Ashland Properties, Inc., Cessna, 414A, N2620L, near Hanover County Airport 01/03/1982 10/14/1982 Ashland VA AAR-82-12 PB82-910412
Empire Airlines Flight 141, Piper PA-31, N546BA 01/05/1982 09/22/1982 Ithaca NY AAR-82-11 PB82-910411
Midair Collision, United States Air Force, F111-K, Building Contractors, Inc., Cessna TU-206G 02/06/1980 08/24/1982 Clovis NM AAR-82-10 PB82-910410
Lufkin Industries, Inc., Beechcraft Super King Air, BE-200, N456L 03/27/1980 08/14/1982 Parker CO AAR-82-09 PB82-910409
Air Florida, Inc., Boeing 737-222, N62AF, Collision with 14th Street Bridge 01/13/1982 08/10/1982 Washington Nat'l Airport, Washington DC AAR-82-08, PB82-910408 Summary
Pilgrim Airlines Flight 458, DeHavilland DHC-6-100, N127PM 02/21/1982 02/21/1982 Providence RI AAR-82-07 PB82-910407
Ronson Aviation Bell 206B, N27670 and Seminole Air Charter Piper PA 34-200T, N8110R, Midair Collision 09/23/1981 05/18/1982 E. Rutherford NJ AAR-82-06 PB82-910406
Eastern Airlines Flight 935, Lockheed L1011-384, N309EA 09/22/1981 06/01/1982 Colts Neck NJ AAR-82-05 PB82-910405
Sky Train Air, Inc., Gates Learjet 24, N44CJ 10/01/1981 05/18/1982 Felt OK AAR-82-04 PB82-910404
Air Florida Airlines, Inc., McDonnell Douglas, Inc., DC-10-30CF, N101TV, Miami International Airport 09/22/1981 04/06/1982 Miami FL AAR-82-03, PB82-910403
McDonnell Douglas Corporation, DC-9-80, N980DC 05/02/1980 02/09/1982 Edwards AFB CA AAR-82-02 PB82-910402
World Airways, Inc., Flight 32, McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30CF, N112WA 09/20/1981 01/12/1982 North Atlantic Ocean AAR-82-01 PB82-910401
Universal Airways, Inc. Beech 65-A80/Excalibur Conversion, N100UV 07/02/1981 12/17/1981 Madisionville TX AAR-81-17 PB81-910417
Northeast Jet Company, Gates Learjet 25D, N125NE 05/19/1980 09/15/1981 Gulf of Mexico AAR-81-15 PB81-910415
Universal Airways, Inc. Beech 65-A80/Excalibur Conversion, N100UV 07/02/1981 12/17/1981 Madisionville TX AAR-81-18 PB81-910418
Air U.S. Flight 716, HP-137, N11360, and Sky's West Cessna TU-206, N4862F, Midair Collision, Ft. Collins/Loveland Municipal Arpt., 04/17/1981 12/17/1981 Loveland CO AAR-81-18 PB81-910418
Northeast Jet Company, Gates Learjet 25D, N125NE 06/19/1980 09/15/1981 Gulf of Mexico AAR-81-15 PB81-910415
McDonnell Douglas Corporation, DC-9-80, N1002G 05/19/1980 09/15/1981 Yuma AZ AAR-81-16 PB81-910416
Eastern Airlines Boeing 727-25 N8140N, John F. Kennedy International Airport 04/08/1981 09/01/1981 Jamaica, NY AAR-81-14 PB81-910414
Air California Flight 336 Boeing 737-293, N468AC, John Wayne Orange County Airport 02/17/1981 08/19/1981 Santa Ana CA AAR-81-12 PB81-910412
Texasgulf Aviation, Inc., Lockheed Jetstar N520S, near Westchester County Airport 02/11/1981 08/19/1981 White Plains NY AAR-81-13 PB81-910413
Cascade Airways, Inc., Beechcraft 99A, N390CA 01/20/1981 07/21/1981 Spokane WA AAR-81-11 PB81-910411
Northwest Airlines 79 McDonnell Douglas DC-10-40, N143US 01/31/1981 07/07/1981 Leesburg VA AAR-81-10 PB81-910410
Georgia Pacific Corporation Cessna 500 Citation, N501GP, Mercer County Airport 01/21/1981 06/10/1981 Bluefield WVA AAR-81-09 PB81-910409
Trans World Airlines, Inc., Boeing 727-31, N840TW 04/04/1979 06/09/1981 Saginaw MI AAR-81-08 PB81-910408
Continental Airlines Air Micronesia, Inc., Boeing 727-92C, N18479 11/21/1980 05/27/1981 Yap Western Caroline Islands AAR-81-07 PB81-910407
Kellogg Company, Avions Marcel Dassault Brequet Falcon 10, N253K 11/30/1980 05/12/1981 Meigs Field, Chicago IL AAR-81-06 PB81-910406
Florida Commuter Airlines, Inc., Douglas DC-3, N75KW 09/12/1980 03/20/1981 Grand Bahama Island Bahamas AAR-81-05 PB81-910405
Eagle Commuter Airlines, Inc., Piper PA-31-350, Navajo Chieftain, N59932 03/21/1980 03/03/1981 William P. Hobby Airport, Houston TX AAR-81-04 PB81-910404
Air Cargo, Ltd., Bristol Britannia 253, Registration G-BRAC 02/16/1980 02/19/1981 Billerica MA AAR-81-03 PB81-910403
Scenic Airlines, Inc., Cessna 404 N2683S near Grand Canyon National Park Airport 08/21/1980 01/21/1981 Tusayan AZ AAR-81-02 PB81-910402
Air Pennslyvania 501 Piper PA-31-350, N5MS 07/25/1980 01/21/1981 Philadelphia PA AAR-81-01 PB81-910401
Air Traders International, Lockheed, 1049H, N74CA 06/22/1980 12/23/1980 Columbus IN AAR-80-14 PB80-910414
Air Wisconsin, Inc., Swearingen A-226 Metro, N650S 06/12/1980 12/09/1980 Valley NE AAR-80-15 PB80-910415
Air Canada, McDonnell-Douglas DC-9-32 (CF-TLU) 09/17/1979 01/30/1980 Boston MA AAR-80-13 PB80-910413
Gates Learjet Model 23, N886JS,Byrd International Airport, 05/06/1980 09/25/1980 Richmond VA AAR-80-12 PB80-910412
Transamerica Airlines, Inc. Lockheed L-188, N859U 11/18/1979 11/18/1979 Salt Lake City UT AAR-80-11 PB80-910411
Aeromexico DC-10-30, XA-DUH 11/11/1979 07/08/1980 Over Luxembourg Europe AAR-80-10 PB80-910410
Butler Aircraft, Inc., Douglas DC-7, N45SW 09/14/1979 06/10/1980 Klamath Falls OR AAR-80-09 PB80-9104109
Eastern Airlines, Inc., Boeing 727-25, N8139, Atlanta Hartsfield, International Airport 08/22/1979 05/28/1980 Atlanta GA AAR-80-06 PB80-910406
Nevada Inc., Martin 404, N40438 11/16/1979 05/28/1980 Tusayan AZ AAR-80-07 PB80-910407
Comair, Inc., Piper PA 31, N6642L 10/08/1979 05/28/1980 Covington KY AAR-80-08 PB80-910408
Downeast Airlines, Inc., DeHavilland DHC-6-200, N68DE 05/30/1979 05/12/1980 Rockland ME AAR-80-05 PB80-910405
Massey Ferguson, Inc., Gates Learjet 25D, N137GL 01/19/1979 04/29/1980 Detroit MI AAR-80-04 PB80-910404
Thurman L. Munson, Cessna Citation 501, N15NY 08/02/1979 04/16/1980 Canton OH AAR-80-02 PB80-910402 PDF Summary
Puerto Rico International Airlines, Inc., (PRINAIR), DeHavilland Heron, DH-114, N575PR, Alexander Hamilton, Arpt., 07/24/1979 03/28/1980 St. Croix VI AAR-80-03 PB80-910403
Air New England, Inc., DeHavilland DHC-6-300, N383 EX 06/17/1979 07/03/1980 Hyannis MA AAR-80-01 PB80-910401
Inlet Marine, Inc., Gates Learjet, N77RS, Century 111, Model 25C 12/04/1978 12/13/1979 Anchorage International Airport, Anchorage AK AAR-79-18 NTISUB/E/104-018
American Airlines, Inc., DC-10, N110AA, Chicago International Airport 05/25/1979 12/21/1979 Chicago IL AAR-79-17 NTISUB/E/104-017
Universal Airways, Inc., Beech 70 Excaliber Conversion N777AE 03/01/1979 09/06/1979 Gulfport MS AAR-79-16 NTISUB/E/104-016
Champion Home Builders, Company, Gates Learjet 25B, N99HG 09/08/1977 09/20/1979 Sanford NC AAR-79-15 NTISUB/E/104-015
New York Airways, Inc., Sikorsky, N618PA 04/18/1979 09/27/1979 Newark NJ AAR-79-14 NTISUB/E/104-014
Swift Aire Lines, Inc., Nord 262 N418SA 03/10/1979 08/16/1979 Marina Del Rey CA AAR-79-13 NTISUB/E/104-013
Allegheny Airlines, Inc., Nord 262 Mohawk/Frakes 298, N29824-Benedum Airport 02/12/1979 08/16/1979 Clarksburg WV AAR-79-12 NTISUB/E/104-012
Near Collision of Delta Airlines, Inc., Boeing 727-200, N467DA, & Flying Tiger, Inc., Boeing 747-F, N804FT 02/15/1979 08/02/1979 O'Hare intl Arpt., Chicago IL AAR-79-11 NTISUB/E/104-011
Rocky Mountain Airways, Inc. DeHavilland DHC-6-300, N-24RM 02/27/1979 07/19/1979 Cheyenne WY AAR-79-10 NTISUB/E/104-010
Antilles Air Boats, Inc., Grumman G21A, N7777V, 09/02/1978 06/28/1979 St. Thomas VI AAR-79-09 NTISUB/E/104-009
United Airlines, Inc., McDonnell- Douglas, DC-8-61, N8082U 12/28/1978 06/07/1979 Portland OR AAR-79-07 NTISUB/E/104-007
Las Vegas Airlines, Piper PA-31-350, N44LV 08/30/1978 06/07/1979 Las Vegas NV AAR-79-08 NTISUB/E/104-008
Rocky Mountain Airways, Inc., DeHavilland DHC-6 Twin Otter N25RM 12/04/1978 05/03/1979 Steamboat Springs CO AAR-79-06 NTISUB/E/104-006
Pacific Southwest Airlines, Inc., Boeing 727-214, N533PS, an Gibbs Flight Center, Inc., Cessna 172, N7711G 09/25/1978 04/19/1979 San Diego CA AAR-79-05 NTISUB/E/104-005
E.S.M. Group, Inc., Cessna Citation, N51MW, North Central Airlines, Inc., DC-9-30, N957N 06/21/1978 02/22/1979 LaGuardia Airport, Flushing NY AAR-79-03 NTISUB/E/104-003
North Central Airlines, Inc., Convair 580, N4825C 07/25/1978 02/22/1979 Kalamazoo MI AAR-79-04 NTISUB/E/104-004
Allegheny Airlines, Inc., BAC 1-11, N1550 07/09/1978 02/08/1979 Rochester NY AAR-79-02 NTISUB/E/104-002
Continental Airlines, Inc., McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10 N68045 03/01/1978 01/25/1979 Rochester NY AAR-79-01 NTISUB/E/104-001
Columbia Pacific Airlines, Beech 99, N199EA5 02/10/1978 12/21/1978 Richland WA AAR-78-15 NTISUB/D/104-015
Midair Collision Involving a Falcon Jet, N121GW and Cessna 150M, N6423K 05/18/1978 11/30/1978 Memphis TN AAR-78-14 NTISUB/D/104-014
National Airlines, Inc., Boeing 727-235, N4744NA,Escambia Bay, 05/08/1978 11/09/1978 Pensacola FL AAR-78-13 NTISUB/D/104-013
Special Investigative Report: Wing Failure of Boeing 747-131 05/09/1976 10/06/1978 Madrid Spain AAR-78-12 NTISUB/D/104-012
Southern Company Services, Inc. Beech-Hawker 125-600-A, N40PC 04/28/1977 08/01/1978 McLean VA AAR-78-11 NTISUB/D/104-011
National Jet Services, Inc., Douglas DC-3, N51071, 12/13/1977 08/17/1978 Evansville Dress Regional Airport IN AAR-78-10 NTISUB/D/104-010
Continental Airlines, Inc., Boeing 727-224, N32725 06/03/1977 08/01/1978 Tucson AZ AAR-78-09 NTISUB/D/104-009
United Airlines, Inc., Douglas DC-8-54, N8047U 12/18/1977 07/27/1978 Kaysville UT AAR-78-08 NTISUB/D/104-008
Alaska Aeronautical Industries, Inc. DeHavilland DHC-6-200, N563MA 09/06/1977 05/04/1978 Iliamna AK AAR-78-05 NTISUB/D/104-005
Johnson and Johnson, Inc., Grumman Gulfstream II, N500J 09/16/1976 02/09/1978 Hot Springs VA AAR-78-04 NTISUB/D/104-004
Southern Airways, Inc., DC-9-31, N1335U 04/04/1977 01/26/1978 New Hope GA AAR-78-03 NTISUB/D/104-003
Allegheny Airlines, Inc., Douglas DC-9 N994VJ 6/23/1977 01/19/1978 Philadelphia PA AAR-78-02 NTISUB/D/104-002
Japan Airlines, Company, Ltd., McDonnel-Douglas DC-8-62F, JA 8054 01/13/1977 01/16/1978 Anchorage, AK AAR-78-07 NTISUB/D/104-007
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Piper PA-31T, N631PT 02/24/1977 01/15/1978 Bressler PA AAR-78-01 NTISUB/D/104-001
Atlantic City Airlines, Inc., DeHavilland DHC-6, Twin Otter, N101AC 12/12/1976 10/27/1977 Cape May County Airport NJ AAR-77-10 NTISUB/C/104-010
Knob Hills Inc., Cessna-421, N99MB 11/16/1976 01/15/1978 Nogales, AZ AAR-77-11 NTISUB/C/104-011
New York Airways, Inc., Sikorski S-61 N619PA, Pan American Building, Heliport 05/16/1977 10/13/1977 New York NY AAR-77-09 NTISUB/C/104-009
Pan American World Airways, Inc., Boeing 707-321-B, N454PA (Revised) 01/30/1977 10/06/1977 Pago Pago American Samoa AAR-77-07 NTISUB/C/104-007
Jet Aviation, Ltd., Learjet, LR24B, N12MK) 01/06/1977 10/06/1977 Palm Springs CA AAR-77-08 NTISUB/C/104-008
Air Manilla, Inc., Lockheed L-188A Republic of the Philippines Registry, RP-C1061 06/04/1976 09/26/1977 Guam Marianas Islands AAR-77-06 NTISUB/C/104-006
Ruel Insurance Corporation Cessna 414, N8PR and USAF F4E, 67-0255 09/13/1976 09/16/1977 Brighton, FL AAR-77-05 NTISUB/C/104-005
Rupp Automotive, Inc., Beechcraft Baron 58, N1553W, Chillicothe Municipal Airport 08/03/1976 06/16/1977 Chillicothe MO AAR-77-04 NTISUB/C/104-004
Midair Collision, Reeds Aviation, Inc., Piper PA-28R-200, N7941C and Piper PA-28-151, N8592C 07/24/1976 04/14/1977 Huntsville MO AAR-77-02 NTISUB/C/104-002
Air Chicago Freight Airlines, Inc., North American TB-25N, N9446Z, Midway Airport 08/06/1976 04/14/1977 Chicago IL AAR-77-03 NTISUB/C/104-003
American Airlines, Inc., Boeing 727-95 04/27/1976 12/16/1976 St. Thomas Virgin Islands AAR-77-01 NTISUB/C/104-001
Alaska Airlines, Inc., Boeing 727-81, N124AS 04/05/1976 12/22/1976 Ketchikan AK AAR-76-20 NTISUB/B/104-76-020
Overseas National Airways, Inc., Douglas DC-10-30, N1032F, JFK Inter- national Airport 11/12/1975 12/16/1976 Jamaica NY AAR-76-19 NTISUB/B/104-76-019
Mercer Airlines, Inc., Douglas DC-6/YC-112A, N901MA 02/08/1976 08/18/1976 Van Nuys CA AAR-76-17 NTISUB/B/104-76-017
Near Midair Collision, Hughes Airwest Douglas DC-9, N9333, and Northwest Airlines, Inc., Douglas DC-10, N148US 04/01/1976 08/18/1976 Spokane WA AAR-76-18 NTISUB/B/104-76-018
Condor Aero Club, Inc., Cessna 172L, N43680 03/12/1976 07/07/1976 Accident MD AAR-76-16 NTISUB/B/104-76-016
Eastern Air Lines, Inc., Boeing 727-225, N8838E 11/12/1975 05/19/1976 Raleigh NC AAR-76-15 NTISUB/B/104-76-015
Continental Airlines Inc., Boeing 727-224 N88777 08/07/1975 08/07/1975 Stapleton International Airport, Denver CO AAR-76-14 NTISUB/B/104-76-014
Puerto Rico International Airlines, Inc. DeHavilland DH-114, N570PR 07/11/1975 04/19/1976 San Juan Puerto Rico AAR-76-13 NTISUB/B/104-76-013
Japan Air Lines, Company, Ltd., Boeing 747-246, JA8122 12/16/1975 03/31/1976 Anchorage AK AAR-76-12 NTISUB/B/104-76-012
Airlift International, Inc., McDonnell- Douglas DC-8-63F 09/20/1975 09/20/1975 JFK International Airport, Jamaica NY AAR-76-11 NTISUB/B/104-76-011
NAVIK Air, Inc., Piper PA23-250, N644N 05/10/1975 03/10/1976 Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport, Cleveland OH AAR-76-10 NTISUB/B/104-76-010
Aerotransportes Entre Rios S.R.L. Canadair CL-44-6, LV-JSY 05/10/1975 03/10/1976 Miami International Airport, Miami FL AAR-76-09 NTISUB/B/104-76/009
Eastern Airlines, Inc., Boeing 727- 225 06/24/1975 03/12/1976 JFK International Airport, Jamaica NY AAR-76-08 NTISUB/B/104-76/008
Campbell-Ewald Advertising Company, Rockwell Turbo Commander 690A, N847CE 09/12/1975 02/25/1976 Nemacolin PA AAR-76-07 NTISUB/B/104-76-007
Jatkoe Cessna 411A, N100KC 01/12/1975 02/25/1976 Wise VA AAR-76-05 NTISUB/B/104-76-005
Jatkoe Cessna 411A, N100KCKetchum Air Service, DeHavilland Beaver DHC-2, N64392 09/12/1975 02/25/1976 Kijik AK AAR-76-06 NTISUB/B/104-76-006
Near Midair Collision, American Airlines Inc., Douglas DC-10, N124, and TWA, Inc. Lockheed-1011, N11002 11/26/1975 01/28/1976 Carleton MI AAR-76-03 NTISUB/B/104-76-003
Wolfe Industries, Inc., Beech 65A90 King Air, N57V, American University Campus, 01/01/1975 01/28/1976 Washington DC AAR-76-04 NTISUB/B/104-76-004
Stribling-Puckett, Inc., Beechcraft Al00, N700SP 04/26/1975 01/14/1976 Washington DC AAR-76-02 NTISUB/B/104-76-002
Wein Air Alaska, Inc., Fairchild F-27B N4904, Gambell 08/30/1975 01/07/1976 St. Lawrence Island AK AAR-76-04 NTISUB/B/104-76-004
Puerto Rico International Airlines (PRINAR), Inc., DeHavilland DH-114 N554PR 06/24/1972 12/17/1975 Ponce Puerto Rico AAR-75-17 PB-214187
Trans World Airlines, Inc. Boeing 727- 231, N54328 12/01/1974 11/26/1975 Berryville VA AAR-75-16 NTISUB/A/104-76-001
Western Air Lines, Inc., Boeing 737- 200, N4527W 03/31/1975 10/30/1975 Casper WY AAR-75-15 NTISUB/A/104-75-003
Golden West Airlines, Inc., DeHavilland DHC-6, N6383 and Cessnair Aviation, Inc. Cessna 150, N11421 01/09/1975 08/07/1975 Whittier, CA AAR-75-14 PB-245583/0GA
Northwest Airlines, Inc., Boeing 727- 251, N274US 12/01/1974 08/13/1975 Thiells NY AAR-75-13 PB-245581/4GA
Montana Power Company, Rockwell Turbo Commander 680, N40MP and USAF F-111A 77-05 11/12/1974 08/01/1975 Kingston UT AAR-75-12 PB-245582/2GA
Federal Aviation Administration Douglas, DC-3C, N6 03/27/1975 06/25/1975 Dubois PA AAR-75-11 PB-245582/2GA
USAF VT-29D, Serial #52-5826 and Cavalier Flyers, Inc., Cessna 150H, N50430 01/09/1975 06/18/1975 Newport News VA AAR-75-10 PB-244223/4GA
Eastern Air Lines, Inc., Douglas DC-9-31, N8984E 09/11/1974 05/23/1975 Charlotte NC AAR-75-09 PB-243296/1GA
International Business Machines, Inc., Grumman G-1159, N720Q 06/24/1974 05/14/1975 Kline SC AAR-75-08 PB-242811/8GA
Trans World Airways, Inc., Boeing 707-331B, N8734 09/08/1974 03/26/1975 Ionian Sea AAR-75-07 PB-241705/AS
NJ-ANG Convair F106, SN-59-0044, and Piper PA-24-250, N6876P, Midair Collision 10/11/1974 01/29/1975 Saxis VA AAR-75-06 PB-240250/1GA
Saturn Airways, Inc., Lockheed L-382, N14ST 10/11/1974 01/29/1975 Springfield, IL AAR-75-06 PB-240250/1GA
Air France, Boeing 707-B-328B, FBLCA 05/13/1974 01/15/1975 O'Neill NE AAR-75-04 PB-242806/8GA
Air East, Inc., Beechcraft 99A, N125AE 01/06/1974 01/15/1975 Johnstown-Cambria County Airport, Johnstown PA AAR-75-03 PB-239891/AS
National Airlines, Inc., DC-10-10, N60NA 11/03/1973 01/15/1975 Albuquerque NM AAR-75-02 PB-239889/AS
Sierra Pacific Airlines, Inc., Convair 340/440, N4819C 03/13/1974 01/20/1975 Bishop CA AAR-75-01 PB-239511/AS
Pan American World Airways, Inc., Boeing 707-321C, N458PA 11/03/1973 12/02/1974 Boston MA AAR-74-16 PB-239448/AS
Delta Air Lines, Inc., McDonnell Douglas, DC-9-32, N3323L, 11/27/1973 11/08/1974 Chattanooga Municipal Airport,Chattanooga TN AAR-74-13 PB-238479/0GI
Iberia Lineas Aereas de Espana, (Iberian Airlines) McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30, EC CBN 12/17/1973 11/08/1974 Longan Intl Airport, Boston MA AAR-74-14 PB-239890/AS
Pan American Airways, Inc., Boeing 707-321B, N454PA (REVISED: SEE AAR-77-07) 01/30/1974 11/08/1974 Pago Pago American Samoa AAR-74-15 PB-238478/2GI
Eastern Air Lines, Inc., DC-9-31, N8967E 11/27/1973 11/05/1974 North Canton OH AAR-74-12 PB-238637/3GA
Aircraft Pool Leasing Corporation, Lockheed Super Constellation, L-1049H, N6917C 12/15/1973 09/11/1974 Miami FL AAR-74-11 PB-240120/6GA
Trans World Airlines, Inc., Boeing 707-131B, N757TW 11/16/1974 08/17/1974 Los Angeles CA AAR-74-10 PB-235838/0GA
National Airlines, Inc., McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10, N60NA 07/08/1974 07/24/1974 Tampa FL AAR-74-09 PB-234791/2GA
Trans World Airlines, Inc., Boeing 707-331B, N8705T 08/23/1973 07/10/1974 Los Angeles CA AAR-74-08 PB-234422/AS
Piedmont Airlines, Boeing 737, N751N, 10/28/1973 05/22/1974 Greensboro NC AAR-74-07 PB-233366/AS
World Airways, Inc., DC-8-63F, N802WA 09/08/1973 05/08/1974 King Cove AK AAR-74-06 PB-233367/AS
Ozark Air Lines, Inc., Fairchild Hiller FH-227B, N4215 07/23/1973 04/24/1974 Lambert- St. Louis International Airport, St. Louis MO AAR-74-05 PB-233870/AS
Texas International Airlines, Inc., Convair 600, N94230 09/27/1973 04/11/1974 Mena AR AAR-74-04 PB-232360/8GA
Delta Air Lines, Inc., DC-9-31, N975NE 07/31/1973 03/07/1974 Boston MA AAR-74-03 PB-231148/8GA
Skyways International, Inc., Douglas DC-7C, N296 06/21/1973 02/27/1974 Miami Inter- national Airport, Dade County FL AAR-74-02 PB-231146/2GA
Overseas National Airways, Inc., McDonnell Douglas DC-8-63, N863F 06/20/1973 02/07/1974 Bangor, MA AAR-74-01 PB-228784/5GA
Loftleidir Icelandic Airlines, Inc., Douglas DC-8-61, 06/23/1973 12/15/1973 JFK International Airport, Jamaica NY AAR-73-20 PB-230694/2GA
Continental Airlines, Saberliner Model NA-265-60, N743R 04/13/1973 11/07/1973 Montrose CO AAR-73-19 PB-226031
Eastern Air Lines, Inc., Boeing 727-225, N8843E 04/10/1973 09/27/1973 Toledo OH AAR-73-17 PB-225090/0GA
United Air Lines, Inc., B-737, N9031U 11/12/1972 08/29/1973 Toledo OH AAR-73-16 PB-223719/6GA
North Central Airlines, Inc., McDonnell Douglas DC-9-31, N954N and Delta Air Lines, Inc., Convair CV-880, N8807E 12/20/1972 07/05/1973 O'Hare Intl Arpt. Chicago IL AAR-73-15 PB-223260/1
Eastern Air Lines, Inc., L-1011, N310EA 12/29/1972 06/14/1973 Miami FL AAR-73-14 PB-222359/2
Michinery Buyers Corp., Learjet Model 24, N454RN 02/26/1973 05/30/1973 Atlanta GA AAR-73-12 PB-221620
Northwest Airlines, Inc., Boeing 747- 151, N602US 12/15/1972 05/30/1973 Miami FL AAR-73-13 PB-221590
Trans World Airlines, Inc., Boeing 707-331C, N788TW 12/12/1972 05/02/1973 John F. Kennedy International Airport NY AAR-73-11 PB-220780
Cessna 182, N70586, Duluth Interna- tional Airport 11/08/1972 04/26/1973 Duluth MN AAR-73-10 PB-220702
North Central Airlines, Inc., Allison Convair 340/440 (CV-580), N90858 and Air Wisconsin Inc., DHC-6, N4043B 06/29/1972 04/25/1973 Appleton WI AAR-73-09 PB-220702
Mohawk Airlines, Inc., Fairchild Hiller FH-227B, N7818M 03/03/1972 04/11/1973 Albany NY AAR-73-08 PB-221041
Jugoslovenski Aerotransport (JAT) Boeing 707-321, YU-AGA 08/13/1972 04/04/1973 JFK Inter- national Airport, Jamaica NY AAR-73-07 PB-224391/3GA
Spectrum Air, Inc., Sabre Mark 5, N275X 09/24/1972 03/28/1973 Sacramento Executive Airport, Sacramento CA AAR-73-06 PB-224391/3GA
North American Rockwell, Inc., Turbo Commander 690, N1NR 08/14/1972 03/21/1973 Wellsburg WV AAR-73-05 PB-220053
Trans World Airlines, Inc., Boeing 707- 331C, N15712 09/13/1972 03/14/1973 Sacramento Executive Airport, Sacramento CA AAR-73-04 PB-219369
Delta Air Lines, Inc., McDonnell Douglas DC-9-14, N3305L 05/30/1972 03/13/1973 Greater SW International Airport, Fort Worth TX AAR-73-03 PB-221619
American Airlines, Inc., McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10, N103AA 06/12/1972 02/28/1973 Windsor Canada AAR-73-02 PPB-219370
Pan Alaska Airways, Ltd., Cessna 310C, N1812H 10/16/1972 01/31/1973 Between Anchorage and Juneau, AK AAR-73-01 PB-214592/8
Aero Taxi, Beech E185, N42A 06/22/1972 12/20/1972 Cleveland OH AAR-72-33 PB-214195/0
Puerto Rico International Airlines, (PRINAIR), Inc., DeHavilland DH-114, N554PR 06/24/1972 12/20/1972 Ponce Puerto Rico AAR-72-34 PB-214187/7
Eastern Air Lines, Inc., DC-9-31, N8961E 05/18/1972 12/13/1972 Fort Lauderdale FL AAR-72-31 PB-214538/1
Ross Aviation, Inc., Beechcraft 65-B80, Queen Air, N841NS 05/19/1972 12/13/1972 Albuquerque NM AAR-72-32 PB-214188/5
Near Midair Collision, Northwest Airlines, Boeing 720B, N736US,and Lockheed Aircraft Corp., Convair 240, N737Z 04/26/1972 10/26/1972 Front Royal VA AAR-72-30 PB-213233/0
Continental Airlines, Inc., McDonnell Douglas DC-10, N68041 05/02/1972 10/18/1972 Tucson AZ AAR-72-29 PB-213208
Alaska Airlines, Inc., Boeing 727, N2969G 09/04/1971 10/13/1972 Juneau AK AAR-72-28 PB-213870/6
Northwest Orient Airlines, Inc., Boeing 747-151, N606US Over the North Pacific Ocean 105 Nautical Miles West of 150 E. Longitude at 36' N. Latitude 04/12/1972 10/04/1972 AAR-72-27 PB-212988/0
Sun Valley Airlines, Inc., Beech 65B-80, N1027C 02/20/1971 08/30/1972 Fairfield ID AAR-72-25 PB-212807/2
Hughes Airwest DC-9, N9345, and U.S. Marine Corps F-4B, 151458 06/06/1971 08/30/1972 Duarte CA AAR-72-26 PB-212987/2
Tandy Corporation, Gates Learjet Model 25, N658TC near the Victoria County- Foster Airport 01/18/1972 08/09/1972 Victoria TX AAR-72-24 PB-212484
Eastern Air Lines, Inc., Boeing 727-100, N8168G, Flight 9701 12/21/1971 07/26/1972 Atlanta GA AAR-72-23 PB-211756
Alii Air Hawaii, Inc., Beech D18S, N5642V 02/22/1971 07/26/1972 Kalohi Channel, Hawaiian Islands HI AAR-72-23 PB-211756
National Airlines, Inc., Boeing 747-135, N77722 01/04/1972 07/12/1972 Lake Charles LA AAR-72-21 PB-211474
Allegheny Airlines, Inc., Allison Prop Jet Convair 340/440, N5832 06/07/1971 06/01/1972 New Haven CT AAR-72-20 PB-211458
Apache Airlines, Inc., DeHavilland DH-104-7AXC, N4922V 05/06/1971 06/01/1972 Coolidge AZ AAR-72-19 PB-211227
Western Air Lines, Inc., Boeing 720- 047B, N3166 03/31/1971 06/07/1972 Ontario International Airport, Ontario CA AAR-72-18 PB-211686
Pan American World Airways, Inc., Boeing 747, N747PA, Flight 845 07/30/1971 05/24/1972 San Francisco CA AAR-72-17 PB-211457
American Airlines, Inc., Boeing 707-323, N7595A and a Linden Flight Service, Inc., Cessna 150, N60942(REVISED). 01/09/1971 05/10/1972 Edison NJ AAR-72-16 PB-234423/AS
Chicago and Southern Airlines, Inc., Beech E18S (ATECO Westwind II) N51CS 10/21/1971 04/19/1972 Peoria IL AAR-72-15 PB-210243
Pan American World Airways, Inc., Boeing 747-121, N739PA 11/04/1970 05/03/1972 Nantucket MA AAR-72-14 PB-210242
Eastern Air Lines, Inc., 12/04/1971 04/05/1972 Raleigh NC AAR-72-13 PB-210241
Capitol International Airways, DC-8-63F, N4909C, 11/27/1970 03/29/1972 Anchorage AK AAR-72-12 PB-210241
Southern Airways, Inc., DC-9, N97S, Tri-State Airport 11/14/1970 04/14/1972 Huntington WV AAR-72-11 PB-209082
Rocky Mountain Airways, Inc., Aero Commander 680V, N6359U 01/22/1970 12/29/1971 Aspen CO AAR-72-01 PB-206562
Aloha Airlines, Inc., Vickers Viscount Model 745D, N7415 08/08/1971 12/29/1971 Honolulu Internl Airport, Honolulu HI AAR-72-02 PB-207902
Monmouth Airlines, Inc., Scheduled Air Taxi Beech 99, N986MA, Allentown- Bethleham-Easton Airport 10/24/1971 12/29/1971 Allentown PA AAR-72-03 PB-208198
Northeast Airlines, Inc., McDonnell Douglas DC-9-31, N982NE 06/22/1971 12/29/1971 Martha's Vineyard MA AAR-72-04 PB-207101
Continental Air Lines, Inc., Boeing 707-320C, N47330, Floyd Flying Service, Cessna 150J, N61011 08/04/1971 12/29/1971 Compton CA AAR-72-05 PB-208207
Downeast Airlines Scheduled Air Taxi Piper PA-31, N595DE, Augusta State Airport 08/19/1971 12/29/1971 Augusta MA AAR-72-06 PB-208484
Trans World Airlines, Boeing 707, N6729TW and American Airlines Boeing 707, N8432 06/11/1971 12/29/1971 Phillipsburg PA AAR-72-07 PB-208223
Trans Caribbean Airways, Inc., Boeing 727-200, N8790R, Harry S. Truman Airport 12/28/1970 12/28/1970 Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas Virgin Islands AAR-72-08 PB-208675
United Air Lines, Inc., Boeing 737-222, N9005U, 07/19/1970 12/29/1971 Philadelphia PA AAR-72-09 PB-208664
Flying Tiger Line, Inc., Douglas DC-8-63F, N785FT 07/27/1970 12/29/1971 Naha Air Base, Okinawa Ryukyu Islands AAR-72-10 PB-208767
Northwest Airlines, Inc., Boeing 747-151,N607US 05/13/1971 12/15/1971 Honolulu HI AAR-72-16 PB-206042
Delta Air Lines, Inc., Douglas DC-9-32, N3329L 05/13/1971 12/15/1971 Louisville KY AAR-72-15 PB-205250
Southern Airways, Inc., Douglas DC-9-15, N92S 02/17/1971 09/01/1971 Gulfport, MS AAR-72-14 PB-204111
Commuter Airlines, Inc., Beechcraft C-45 H (Infinite II), N497DM, Broome County Airport 03/22/1970 08/26/1971 Binghamton NY AAR-72-13 PB-204512
Trans International Airlines Corp., Ferry Flight 863, Douglas DC-8-63F, N4883T 09/08/1970 08/19/1971 J.F. Kennedy International Airport NY AAR-72-12 PB-202709
Federal Aviation Administration Douglas DC-3C, N7 01/04/1971 06/03/1971 LaGuardia Airport NY AAR-71-11 PB-202026
Mississippi Valley Airways, Inc., DeHavilland DHC-6, N956SM 11/09/1970 05/05/1971 La Crosse WI AAR-71-10 PB-201130
Alitalia Airlines, McDonnell-Douglas DC-8-62, I-DIWZ (Italian Registry) 09/15/1970 04/28/1971 John F. Kennedy International Airport, Jamaica NY AAR-71-09 PB-202533
Overseas National Airways, Inc., Douglas DC-9. Operating as Antilliaanse Lucht- vaart Moatschappij Flight 980 05/02/1970 03/31/1971 St. Croix Virgin Islands AAR-71-08 PB-199806
American Airlines, Inc., Boeing 747-121, N743PA 09/18/1970 02/03/1971 San Francisco CA AAR-71-07 PB-197928
Jetco Aviation, Incorporated Short Brothers and Harland, Ltd., Skyvan Series 3(SC-7), N21CK 07/02/1970 01/13/1971 Washington National Airport DC AAR-71-06 PB-197685
TAG Airlines, Inc., De Havilland Dove (DH-104), N2300H 01/28/1970 01/06/1971 Lake Erie AAR-71-05 PB-198094
Martin 404, N464M, 8 Statute Miles West of Silver Plume 10/02/1970 12/24/1970 Silver Plume CO AAR-71-04 PB-197686
Executive Jet Aviation, Inc., Lear Jet L23A, N434EJ 05/09/1970 12/22/1970 Emmet County Airport, Pellston MI AAR-71-03 PB-197607
Compania Ecuatoriana de Aviacion, Douglas C-54D, Republic of Ecuador, HC-AON 04/14/1970 12/16/1970 Miami International Airport, Miami, FL AAR-71-02 PB-199330
Pilgrim Aviation and Airlines, Inc., De Havilland Turbo Prop DHC-6, N124PM, in Long Island Sound 02/10/1970 01/27/1971 Waterford CT AAR-71-01 PB-197927
Texas International Airlines, Inc., Douglas DC-9, N1308T 01/11/1970 12/02/1970 Harlingen TX AAR-70-28 PB-197155
North Central Airlines, Inc., Convair 580, N2045, OHare International Airport 12/27/1968 11/12/1970 Chicago IL AAR-70-27 PB-197323
Air France, Boeing 747-128, F-BPUD 08/17/1970 10/07/1970 St. Jean, P.Q. Canada AAR-70-26 PB-194753
Seaboard World Airlines, Inc., Douglas DC-8-63F, N8634, Stockton Metropolitan Airport 10/16/1969 09/30/1970 Stockton CA AAR-70-24 PB-195962
Lehigh Acres Development, Inc., Martin 404, N40412 05/30/1970 09/30/1970 Atlanta GA AAR-70-25 PB-196346
Caribbean Atlantic Airlines, Inc., Douglas DC-9-31, N938PR, Harry S. Truman Airport 08/12/1969 09/16/1970 Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas, VI AAR-70-23 PB-195718
Mack Truck, Inc., Lear Jet 23A, N1021B 11/06/1969 09/09/1970 Horlick-Racine Airport Racine WI AAR-70-21 PB-194752
The Pittston Company Aero Commander 1121, N236JP 10/31/1969 09/02/1970 Rural Retreat VA AAR-70-22 PB-194774
Boeing 747, N732PA, Renton Airport, 12/13/1969 09/09/1970 Renton WA AAR-70-19 PB-195193
Ozark Air Lines, Inc., Douglas DC-9-15, N974Z, Sioux City Airport 12/27/1968 09/02/1970 Sioux City IA AAR-70-20 PB-195194
Air South, Inc., Beechcraft B-99, N844NS 07/06/1969 08/26/1970 Monroe GA AAR-70-18 PB-195717
Compania Dominicana de Aviacion, Douglas DC-4, Convair ATL 98, HI-168 07/23/1969 08/12/1970 Miami International Airport, Miami FL AAR-70-17 PB-196345
Wein Consolidated Airlines, Inc., Fairchild F-27B, N4905 12/02/1968 07/22/1970 Pedro Bay AK AAR-70-16 PB-195300
Allegheny Airlines, Inc., DC-9, N988US, and a Forth Corporation Piper PA-28, N7374J 09/09/1969 07/15/1970 Fairland IN AAR-70-15 PB-193788
Scandinavian Airlines System, McDonnell- Douglas DC-8-62, LN-M00 (Norweigian Registry) 01/13/1969 07/01/1970 Santa Monica Bay CA AAR-70-14 PB-193424
Cessna 310N, N4111Q 04/12/1969 06/25/1970 Upland CA AAR-70-13 PB-193423
Mohawk Airlines, Inc., Fairchild Hiller FH-227B, N7811M 11/19/1969 06/25/1970 Glens Falls NY AAR-70-12 PB-193422
Japan Air Lines Company, Ltd., Convair 880, Model 22M, JA 8028, Grant County Airport 06/24/1969 06/17/1970 Moses Lake WA AAR-70-11 PB-193421
Allegheny Airlines, Inc., Allison Prop Jet Convair 440, N5825 01/06/1969 05/27/1970 Bradford PA AAR-70-10 PB-192552
Puerto Rico International Airlines, Inc., De Havilland Heron 114-2, N563PR 03/05/1969 04/24/1970 Sierra de Luguillo, San Juan Puerto Rico AAR-70-09 PB-191991
Trans World Airlines, Inc., Boeing 707-331C, N787TW, National Aviation Facilities Experimental Center Atlantic City Arpt 07/26/1969 03/25/1970 Pamona NJ AAR-70-08 PB-191318
Northeast Airlines, Inc., Fairchild Hiller FH-227C, N380NE 10/25/1968 04/01/1970 Hanover NH AAR-70-07 PB-191201
United Air Lines, Inc., Boeing 727-22C, N7434U 01/18/1969 02/04/1970 Los Angeles CA AAR-70-06 PB-190812
Minerial County Airlines d.b.a. Hawthorne Nevada Airlines, DC-3, N15570 02/18/1969 02/04/1970 Lone Pine CA AAR-70-05 PB-189650
Allegheny Airlines, Inc., Convair 580 12/24/1968 01/28/1970 Bradford Regional Airport AAR-70-04 PB-189649
Douglas DC-3, N142D,New Orleans Inter- national Airport (Moisant Field) 03/20/1969 01/14/1970 New Orleans LA AAR-70-03 PB-189376
Japan Air Lines, Co., Ltd. DC-8-62, JA 8032 11/22/1968 01/31/1969 San Francisco Bay, San Francisco CA AAR-70-02 PB-192219
Los Angeles Airways, Inc., Sikorsky S-61L, N303Y 05/22/1968 12/18/1969 Paramount CA AAR-70-01 PB-189143
Pan American Airways, Inc., Boeing 707- 321C, N799PA 12/26/1968 11/19/1969 Elmendorf Air Force Anchorage AK AAR-69-08 PB-188233
Los Angeles Airways, Inc., 5-61L, Helicopter, N300Y 08/14/1968 08/27/1969 Compton CA AAR-69-07 PB-185899
Piedmont Airlines Fairchild-Hiller 227B, N712U 08/10/1968 08/21/1969 Charleston WV AAR-69-06 PB-185898
Trans World Airlines, Inc., Convair 880, N821TW 11/20/1967 08/27/1969 Constance KY AAR-69-05 PB-185674
North Central Airlines, Inc., Convair 580, N46345, Home Airmotive, Inc., Cessna 150, N8742S, Midair Collision 08/04/1968 07/08/1969 Milwaukee WI AAR-69-04 PB-185472
Branifff Airways, Inc., Lockheed L-188, N9707C 05/03/1968 06/19/1969 Dawson TX AAR-69-03 PB-185254
Ozark Air Lines, Inc., DC-9, N970Z and Interstate Airmotive, Inc., Cessna 150F, N8669G 03/27/1968 06/30/1969 St. Louis MO PB-185159
United Air Lines, Inc., Boeing 727 QC, N7425U 03/21/1968 12/31/1968 Chicago OHare International Airport IL PB-182347
Trans World Airlines, Inc., B-707, N742TW, the Greater Cincinnati Airport 11/06/1967 09/11/1968 Erlanger KY PB-177339-11
Piedmont Aviation, Inc., Piedmont Airlines Division, Boeing 727, N68650, Lanseair Inc., Cessna 310, N3121S 07/19/1967 09/05/1968 Hendersonville NC PB-177339-10
Honeywell, Inc., Grumman G-159, N861H 07/11/1967 07/17/1968 Le Center MN PB-177339-9
Trans World Airlines, Inc., Douglas DC-9, Tann Company Beechcraft Baron B-55 In-flight Collision 03/09/1967 06/19/1968 Urbana OH PB-177339-8
Pan American World Airways, Inc., Boeing 727, N317PA 11/15/1966 06/05/1968 Berlin Germany PB-177339-7
Mohawk Airlines, Inc., BAC 1-11, N1116J 06/23/1967 04/18/1968 Blossburg PA PB-177339-6
Frontier Airlines, Inc., Douglas DC-3C, N65276 12/21/1967 03/20/1968 Stapleton International Airport, Denver CO PB-177339
Lexington Air Taxi, Inc., Beech C-45H, N3727G 04/03/1967 03/13/1968 Blue Grass Field Lexington KY PB-177339-2
West Coast Airlines, Inc., Fairchild F-27, N2712 03/10/1967 03/06/1968 Klamath Falls OR PB-177339-3
Lake Central Airlines, Inc., Allison Prop-Jet Convair 340, N73130 03/05/1967 02/26/1968 Marseilles OH PB-177339
Airlift International, Inc., Douglas DC-7C, N2282 09/12/1966 02/26/1968 Tachikawa Air Base, Tokyo Japan PB-177339-1
Delta Air Lines, Inc., DC-8, N802E 03/30/1967 12/20/1967 Kenner LA PB-196964
Rexall Drug and Chemical Company Lear Jet 23, N235R 04/12/1966 12/19/1967 Clarendon TX PB-196967
United Air Lines, Inc., B-727, N7036U 08/16/1965 12/19/1967 in Lake Michigan PB-196965
West Coast Airlines, Inc., DC-9, N9101 08/16/1965 12/19/1967 Wemme OR PB-196963
Lear Jet Corporation, Lear Jet Model 23, N8041J 10/21/1965 12/11/1967 Jackson MI PB-196962
Japan Air Lines, Ltd., Douglas DC-8-33, JA-8006 12/25/1965 06/26/1967 San Francisco CA PB-196968
Paul Kelly Flying Service, Inc., Lear Jet 23, N243F 11/14/1965 06/19/1967 Palm Springs CA PB-196966
Transcontinental & Western Air 03/01/1938 Wawona CA CAB-MAR38
Hearst Publications, Inc. 02/24/1938 San Simeon CA CAB-FE38A
Privately Owned 02/25/1938 Reno NV CAB-FE38B
Northwest Airlines, Inc 12/29/1937 Bozeman MT CAB-DEC37
Pan American Airlnes, Inc. 01/11/1938 Pago Pago Somoa CAB-JA38B
Erie Isle Airway Co. 12/29/1937 Put-In-Bay OH CAB-DEC37
Privately Owned 11/21/1937 Racine WI CAB-NOV37
Baltimore Flying Service 10/02/1937 Annapolis MD CAB-OC37A
Privately Owned 10/13/1937 Blue Ash OH CAB-OC37B
Privately Owned 10/17/1937 Reichle MT CAB-OC37C
United Airlines 10/17/1937 Humphrey Ridge UT CAB-OC37D
E. W. Wiggins Airways 10/26/1937 Cowleville NY CAB-OC37E
Witch Duck Aeroplane Corp. 09/26/1937 Norfolk VA CAB-SEP37
Grace Airways 08/02/1937 Coco Solo, Canal Zone Panama CAB-8/37A
Privately Owned 08/03/1937 Palm Springs CA CAB-8/37B
Eastern Airlines 08/10/1937 Daytona Beach FL CAB-8/37C
Privately Owned 08/17/1937 Alhambra CA CAB-8/37D
Privately Owned 08/27/1937 Ruidosa TX CAB-8/37E
Privately Owned 07/25/1937 North Platte NE CAB-JUL37
Privately Owned 06/06/1937 Altoona PA CAB-JUN37
Airship Hindenburg 05/06/1937 Lakehurst NJ CAB-MAY37
Privately Owned 04/09/1937 Oklahoma City OK CAB-APR37
Privately Owned 03/11/1937 Atlanta GA CAB-MAR37
Transcontinental & Western Airline 03/25/1937 Clifton PA CAB-3/37A
United Airlines 02/09/1937 San Francisco CA CAB-FEB/3
United Airlines 02/09/1937 San Francisco CA CAB-FEB/3
Western Air Express 01/12/1937 Newhall CA CAB-JAN37
Western Air Express 12/15/1936 Salt Lake City UT CAB-D/36A
Northwest Airlines 12/18/1936 Kellog ID CAB-D/36B
North American Aviation 12/19/1936 Milford PA CAB-D/36C
Braniff Airways 12/23/1936 Dallas TX CAB-D/36D
United Airlines 12/27/1936 New Hall CA CAB-D/36E
U.S. Owned Airplane 10/24/1936 Ardmore OK CAB-OCT36
Privately Owned 09/05/1936 Pittsburgh PA CAB-SEP36
Southern Airways 09/19/1936 Aiken SC CAB-9/36A
Varney Air Transport 09/28/1936 Rattlesnake Buttes CO CAB-9/36B
Chicago & Southern Air Lines 08/05/1936 St Louis MO CAB-AUG36
Toro Mining Corp 07/17/1936 Parr IN CAB-JUL36
Privately Owned 06/05/1936 Revere MA CAB-JUN36
Privately Owned 05/03/1936 Detroit MI CAB-MAY36
Privately Owned 05/05/1936 Bowling Green KY CAB-5/36A
Transcontinental & Western Air 05/31/1936 Chicago IL CAB-5/36B
Transcontinental & Western Air 04/07/1936 Uniontown PA CAB-APR36
Air Service, Inc 04/24/1936 Atlanta GA CAB-4/36A
Privately Owned 03/05/1936 Rich Mountain AR CAB-MAR36
Culver Oil Co 02/16/1936 Dallas TX CAB-FEB36
American Airlines 01/14/1936 Goodwin AR CAB-1/36A
Privately Owned 01/09/1936 Pinelawn MO CAB-JAN36
Ethel, Gasoline Corp. 12/11/1935 Nunda NY CAB-DEC35
Taylor Aircraft Co 11/27/1935 St Petersburg FL CAB-NOV35