Past Investigations

Accident Date


9/16/2011 Reno, NV Aviation accident at Reno Air Races
5/31/2011 Doswell, VA Sky Express motorcoach crash
4/18/2011 Andrews AFB, MD Air traffic control incident involving First Lady's aircraft
3/23/2011 Arlington, VA Air traffic control service interruption incident at Washington Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA)
3/21/2011 Littleton, NH PRT Tours motorcoach crash
7/25/2010 Marshall, MI Crude Oil Pipeline Rupture and Spill
4/17/2011 Red Oak, IA Collision between two Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) trains
3/12/2011 New York, NY World Wide Tours motorcoach crash
12/29/2010 Jackson Hole, WY American Airlines Flight 2253 runway overrun
9/9/2010 San Bruno, CA PG&E Gas pipeline explosion
8/5/2010 Gray Summit, MO Highway accident involving two school buses
3/26/2010 Munfordville, KY Highway accident involving a tractor-trailer and a van
10/22/2010 Indianapolis, IN Rollover and Fire of a Truck-Tractor and Cargo Tank Semitrailer Carrying Liquefied Petroleum Gas
12/20/2009 San Diego, CA Collision between USCG boat & recreational vessel
3/22/2009 Butte, MT Air crash


This listing of investigations includes those past investigations involving accidents or incidents which resulted in significant loss of life, physical damage, involve issues of importance to public safety, or which have generated particular public interest. This represents only a small portion of the investigations conducted by the NTSB, most of which occur at the regional level. See this listing of selected regional investigations for more information.