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10/31/2014 Mojave, CA Virgin Galactic Test Flight Crash
10/16/2014 Arkansas Railroad Accident
9/26/2014 Davis, OK Crash between a combination vehicle and school activity bus
4/10/2014 Orland, CA Crash between combination vehicle and motorcoach
multiple multiple Metro-North Railroad Special Investigation
3/12/2014 Manhattan, NY Gas explosion and subsequent fire
12/30/2013 Casselton, ND Accident Invoving Two Freight Trains
12/1/2013 Bronx, NY Metro North Derailment (Metro-North Railroad Special Investigation)
8/14/2013 Birmingham, AL UPS Flight 1354
7/22/2013 New York, NY Southwest Airlines Flight 345
7/7/2013 Soldotna, AK Crash of DHC-3 Otter air taxi flight
7/6/2013 San Francisco, CA Crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214
5/28/2013 Rosedale, MD Railroad Grade Crossing Accident and Explosion
5/25/2013 Chaffee, MO Collision Between Two Freight Trains
5/23/2013 Mount Vernon, WA I-5 Bridge Collapse
5/17/2013 Bridgeport, CT Railroad Accident Investigation - Bridgeport, CT (Metro-North Railroad Special Investigation)
2/21/2013 Thomson, GA Aviation Runway Accident
1/9/2013 New York, NY Marine Ferry Accident
1/7/2013 Boston, MA Boeing 787 Battery Fire
11/30/2012 Paulsboro, NJ Railroad Derailment
8/21/2012 Ellicott City, MD Railroad Derailment
7/11/2012 Columbus, Oh Freight train derailment
6/13/2011 Oswego, IL Crash of vintage B-17
4/11/2011 New York, NY Air France Flight 7 wing clipping incident with Comair Flight 293
4/4/2011 New Orleans, LA United Airlines Flight 497 runway excursion


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This listing of investigations includes those open investigations involving accidents or incidents which resulted in significant loss of life, physical damage, involve issues of importance to public safety, or which have generated particular public interest. This represents only a small portion of the investigations conducted by the NTSB, most of which occur at the regional level. See this listing of selected regional investigations for more information.