On January 22, 2012, approximately 1540 central standard time, a Bell 206B, N555NB, was substantially damaged during a forced landing to the Las Colinas Golf Course, Irving, Texas. The airline transport pilot and three passengers were not injured. The helicopter was registered to and operated by Longhorn Helicopters Inc., under the provisions of 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 135 without a flight plan. The flight originated from Waco, Texas, at 1500, and was en route to the Las Colinas Four Seasons Resort, Irving, Texas.

During the landing sequence to the Las Colinas Four Seasons Resort, the fuel light illuminated and the engine lost power. The pilot performed an autorotation to flat terrain at the Las Colinas Golf Course. During the forced landing, the helicopter impacted level terrain and came to rest approximately ten feet from the initial impact point. The tail stinger impacted the ground and the vertical fin was bent. The tail boom was bent adjacent to the airframe mount.

An on scene examination of the fuel system, conducted by a Federal Aviation Administration inspector, revealed no evidence of fuel and the fuel gauge read empty. An examination of the engine compartment revealed no anomalies. The helicopter was moved from the golf course and the fuel system was sumped. Less than a half gallon of fuel was recovered and there was no evidence of fuel contamination. An examination of the remaining systems revealed no anomalies.

The pilot reported that he departed with 35 gallons of fuel and had estimated that he would have 25 minutes of fuel remaining when he arrived at the destination. He stated that he mismanaged his fuel and the tailwind component was less than forecast.

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