The pilot reported that shortly after takeoff during the cross wind turn the canopy popped open. The pilot continued to fly the airplane while trying to hold the canopy down with his left hand. The airplane began to porpoise and lose altitude. The pilot was unable to achieve a slow cruise stable attitude. He continued to fly the airplane for an emergency landing to the duty runway, he pulled the power off and stalled the airplane 4-5 feet above the runway, which resulted in a hard landing.

The Sport Cruiser Pilot Operating Handbook, Supplement No. 03 states the following in section 6.7.3.
"Recommendation for canopy opening during the aircraft takeoff:
1. Do not try to close the canopy!
2. Continue the takeoff.
3. Clime to a safe altitude, and reach 120 km/h (65 kts)
4. Continue to circuit
5. Land, after stopping, close and lock the canopy."

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