On May 16, 2011, about 0130 universal coordinated time, a Piper PA-34-200, Brazilian registration PT-IFS, was destroyed when it impacted hilly terrain under unknown circumstances near Sao Pedro, Sao Paulo, Brazil. The Brazilian certificated pilot and three passengers were fatally injured. The local training flight departed Piracicaba Airport (SPDW), Piracicaba, Brazil about 2300 UTC.

This accident investigation is under the jurisdiction of the Aeronautical Accident Prevention and Investigation Center (CENIPA) of Brazil. Any further information pertaining to this accident may be obtained from:

Aeronautical Accident Prevention and Investigation Center
Investigation Division
SHIS - QI 05-VI Comar
Brasilia-DF, Brazil 71.615-600
Telephone: (55-61) 3364-8800
Fax: (55-61) 3365-1004

This report is for informational purposes and contains only information released by the Government of Brazil.

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