On January 29, 2011 at 1615 central standard time, an experimental amateur-built Ertz Zodiac 601 XL, N200BE, sustained substantial damage when an experimental amateur-built Cunningham Model 1, N602CB, struck the Zodiac in the tail while it was taxing on runway 36 (5,500 feet by 200 feet, asphalt) at the Southeast Iowa Regional Airport (BRL), Burlington, Iowa. The pilot and passenger of the Zodiac were not injured. The pilot of the Model 1 was not injured. Both airplanes were operating under 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 as personal flights. The Zodiac departed from BRL at 1500 on a local flight. The Model 1 departed from Quincy, Illinois, about 1515 en route to BRL. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time of the accident. No flight plan was filed for either airplane.

The pilot of the Zodiac reported that he was approaching BRL from the southwest, and he made radio calls when he was 10 miles and 5 miles from the airport to inform other aircraft of his position. He turned right to enter a left downwind for runway 30, but decided to land on runway 36 instead. He reported there were no other aircraft in sight during the approach. He made a radio call when he turned left onto the final leg, and again when he was on short final for landing on runway 36. He reported that the Zodiac touched down just past the numbers and was preparing to taxi off the runway at Alpha 2, which is about 2,000 feet from the approach end of the runway. About 90 feet from Alpha 2, he reported that his airplane was going about 15 mph when it was hit from the rear. He taxied off the runway, and looking back, he could see the Model 1, a red and white biplane, behind him. Both airplanes stopped and the pilots inspected both airplanes. The horizontal and vertical stabilizers of the Zodiac were destroyed by the propeller strike from the Model 1. The Model 1 received minor damage to the engine cowl.

The pilot of the Model 1 reported that he did not see any airplanes in the pattern or on the runway at BRL as he approached for landing. He landed on the centerline and did not see any aircraft. He reported that he slowed to about 5 mph as he prepared to taxi from the runway. He felt a “bump” and then saw a “silver, little airplane, ahead of me.” He stated that the Zodiac blended in with the runway and he did not see it. He stated that the Zodiac pilot “should have exited the runway ASAP” in order for other aircraft to land safely.

The pilot of a commuter airplane reported that he saw the Model 1 strike the Zodiac from behind. He reported that the Zodiac pilot made all the required position calls on the radio. He did not hear the pilot of the Model 1 make any radio calls.

The Model 1 airplane is a tailwheel equipped airplane. It was not equipped with either an installed or handheld radio, and the pilot was seated in the rear seat of the airplane during the flight.

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