On September 24, 2010, at 0312 universal coordinated time, an American Champion Super Decathlon 8KCAB, PK-NZP, collided with terrain while performing an inverted aerobatic maneuver at low altitude during an air show at Husein Sastranegara Airport, Bandung, Indonesia. The airplane was operated by PT. Dirgantara Indonesia Aero Club. The pilot was killed and the airplane substantially damaged.

The investigation is under the jurisdiction of the Government of Indonesia. This report is for information purposes only and contains only information released by the Government of Indonesia. Further information pertaining to this accident may be obtained from:

National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC)
Karya Building 7th Floor Ministry of Transportation
J1. Medan Merdeka Barat No. 8 Jakarta - Indonesia

Telephone: +62 21 3517606
Fax: +62 21 3517606

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