On August 31, 2010, about 0630 UTC (coordinated universal time), a Papua New Guinea (PNG) registered Cessna 550, PA-TAA, was substantially damaged following an overrun and post-crash fire after landing at the Misima Airport (MIS), Bugoiya, Papua, New Guinea. The airline transport pilot and three passengers were killed, and the copilot sustained minor injuries. The flight had departed the Port Moresby Airport, Port Moresby, PNG, at about 0500, and was destined for MIS.

The investigation is under the jurisdiction of the Government of Papua New Guinea. This report is for information purposes only. Further information pertaining to this accident may be obtained from:

Department of Transport
Air Transport Division
Enga Haus 1, Ground Floor, 7 Mile
P.O. Box 1489
Port Moresby, NCD
Papua New Guinea
Tel: +675-325-7500

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