In a written statement, the pilot reported that when he was about 7 miles from his intended destination the engine began to run rough and lost all power about one minute later. He unsuccessfully attempted to restart the engine multiple times. The pilot decided to try to land at a closer airport but realized he would not be able to make it to that airport, either, so he elected to land in an open field. During landing the airplane bounced and the right wing collided with a tree, which spun the airplane around. The airplane sustained substantial damage to both wings.

Local fire department officials reported that when they arrived on scene there were no fuel leaks and there was no odor of fuel present on-scene. They attempted to drain fuel from the sump but no fuel came out.

The Federal Aviation Administration inspector stated that there was no fuel at the selector valve or in the wing tanks. Recovery personnel found no fuel in the system when they disassembled the airplane for movement and said the fuel system was intact.

The pilot stated that "... adding additional fuel in excess of [the] perceived minimum fuel level would likely have avoided power loss...."

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