On March 10, 2010, about 0900 Universal Coordinated Time (UTC), a Robinson R-44 helicopter, Russian registration RA-04163, operated by a private individual, was involved in an accident under unknown circumstances near Karelia, Russia. The helicopter departed from Arkhangelsk, with an intended point of landing in Petrozavodsk. The pilot and the sole passenger, both of whom were Russian citizens, were fatally injured. The accident terrain was described as a "rolling plain."

This investigation is under jurisdiction of the Government of Russia. For further information contact:

Interstate Aviation Committee (MAK)
IIC – Mr. Viktor Khramtsov
22/2/1 Bolshaya Ordynka Str.
Moscow 119017, Russia
Tel: (095) 953-12-22
Fax: (095) 953-35-08, 953-16-00

This report is for informational purposes only and contains information released by, or obtained for release from, the Government of Russia.

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