On February 18, 2010, at 0838 Pacific standard time, N6774Q, a Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation G-164B, lost partial engine power during takeoff and the airplane collided with terrain. The airplane sustained substantial damage; the pilot was not injured. TLC Flying, Inc. was operating the airplane under the provisions of 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 137. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and no flight plan was filed.

The pilot reported that the airplane was loaded with fertilizer and fuel for the first flight of the day. He did not apply carburetor heat during the taxi, but the run up and carburetor heat checks were satisfactory. During the takeoff, the engine did not perform as it normally did, the pilot attempted to dump the fertilizer, and the airplane collided with terrain in a nearby field. The airplane sustained damage to the empennage and wings.

A Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) inspector examined the airplane and engine following the accident. Fuel was present in the airplane and appeared uncontaminated. The throttle quadrant and carburetor heat controls were continuous to the engine. Examination of the magnetos and carburetor revealed no mechanical abnormalities. Due to damage sustained to the propeller and engine, the inspector was unable to test run the engine following the accident. The inspector reported that the engine was not seized. No mechanical anomalies were identified. The inspector indicated that following the accident, the pilot told him that he checked the carburetor heat operation prior to takeoff. As the airplane rolled down the runway, the pilot felt that the engine was not producing enough power to fly, but he was forced to continue the takeoff due to uneven terrain off the end of the runway.

Review of the carburetor icing probability chart revealed that the temperature and dew point, 8 and -1 degrees Celsius respectively, were conducive to serious icing conditions at glide power.

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