On July 10, 2009, about 0420 Taiwan standard time, a Kawasaki BK-117-B1 helicopter, Taiwanese registration B-77088, collided with ocean water about 1 mile south of the Kinmen Island Airport, Kinmen, Taiwan. The helicopter sustained substantial damage due to impact forces. The flight was conducted under the provisions of the Civil Aviation Regulations of Taiwan. Of the three people on aboard, the pilot sustained serious injuries, and two passengers died at the scene.

The accident investigation is under the jurisdiction of the Government of Taiwan. This report is for informational purposes only, and contains only the information released by, or obtained from the Government of Taiwan. Further information pertaining to this accident may be obtained from:

Aviation Safety Council of Taiwan
Occurrence Safety Division
11th Floor, 200, Sec. 3, Beixin Rd.,
Xindian City, Taipei County 231, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Phone: +886-983-401-983
Fax: +886-2-89127399

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