On October 26, 2008, approximately 1900 central daylight time (CDT), a Chamberlin Victor Wayne Minimax, experimental light sport airplane, N8637L, was substantially damaged during impact with static wires while maneuvering for landing at the Winnsboro Municipal Airport (F89), Winnsboro, Louisiana. The private pilot, the sole occupant, received minor injuries. The airplane was registered to, and operated by the pilot. Night visual meteorological conditions prevailed and no flight plan was filed for the 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 personal flight.

According to the pilot, following a local pleasure flight he returned to the airport in preparation for a night landing. While approaching the airport he observed another airplane maneuvering around the airport, but was unsure of the other pilot’s intentions. Following a pattern entry on the downwind leg and a short base leg the pilot turned onto final approach. Moments later the pilot observed the other airplane also on final approach approximately 150 feet to his right and 50 feet above him. While maneuvering in an attempt to avoid the other airplane, the accident airplane impacted static wires and subsequently the ground. The airplane came to rest in an inverted position and the pilot was able to exit unassisted.

The pilot reported that there were no mechanical malfunctions or failures of the airplane’s flight controls, and that he had not been using an aircraft radio at the time of the accident. The pilot further reported that his last bi-annual flight review and the airplane’s last condition inspection were performed in the year 2000. The Investigator-In-Charge (IIC) repeatedly attempted to contact the pilot of the other airplane to no avail.

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