The pilot stated that he had been practicing for his commercial pilot check ride. He performed two landings at one airport, before departing to practice additional landings at another airport (the accident airport). After arrival at the accident airport, the pilot performed 10 full stop landings. While on approach for another landing (the accident), the pilot thought the winds seemed strong and he maneuvered for a crosswind landing. On short final the landing gear clipped the roof of a furniture truck’s trailer. The airplane landed on its belly and came to rest short of the runway.

In the Recommendation section of "how this accident/incident could have been prevented" of the National Transportation Safety Board Pilot/Operator Aircraft Accident/incident report (NTSB form 6120), the pilot stated that if he had flown a higher approach the accident could have been prevented.

According to a responding officer from the Fresno Police Department, the airport was oriented northwest to southeast, with a 4 lane road that is perpendicular to the airport. Airplanes have to crossover the road to land.

The driver and passenger of the furniture moving truck were traveling in a westbound direction at 50 miles per hour (mph), when they observed the airplane coming towards them. They reported that the airplane appeared too low to make the runway, but they did not think it unusual. The airplane struck the top forward portion of the truck's trailer.

A Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) inspector reported that the road is about 200 feet from the approach end of runway 30. A review of the flight school training program revealed under the safety rules section, the airport where the accident occurred, is considered “off-limits;” Sierra Sky Park Airport, Fresno, California. The flight school operates under 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 141.

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