The pilot stated that he had sprayed the field previously one time in May or early June 2008, and as a result, asked the field owner to mark an approximate 40 foot tall antenna for better visibility. The antenna was reportedly marked with orange colored tape which has since faded color. After takeoff from his private airstrip, the flight proceeded to the field the pilot intended on spraying and he circled it "...numerous times surveying the field. I looked for obstructions and studied my field map...", which was prepared by a local feed company. During a low pass checking for wind direction, he noticed the antenna off to his left. He immediately began a climbing right turn to avoid the antenna, but the left wing collided with it approximately 12 inches from the top. The airplane abruptly rolled left to an inverted position, and he continued the left roll and pushed forward on the stick. The airplane impacted the ground in a right wing low attitude, cart wheeled, came to rest nearly inverted, and was destroyed by a post crash fire.

Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 77.13, pertaining to construction or alteration requiring notice, indicates that FAA notification is required whenever construction or alteration of more than 200 feet above ground level (agl) is to be located within 20,000 feet of an airport.

The height of the antenna (40 feet agl) and location in reference to a nearby airport (approximately 68,000 feet), did not require FAA notification.

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